TRUFF and Taco Bell Are Making a Hot Sauce (But Only for a Limited Time!)

Last year, TRUFF partnered with Taco Bell to gift us spicy, truffley, Loaded TRUFF Nacho Fries—a bed of fries topped with grilled steak, shredded cheese, diced tomatoes, and sour cream, drizzled in TRUFF Nacho Cheese. But there’s also something new: Taco Bell’s exclusive take on TRUFF’s Hotter Sauce. And it’s available to buy online. Let’s taco ’bout it.

TRUFF is no stranger to teamwork—we recently tried TRUFF’s collaboration with Hidden Valley Ranch and it made us flip our lids. But this new cross-company promo is a step above. It’s a meeting of two giants—the fast food behemoth that resurrected the Mexican Pizza and the sauce company that satisfies our most truffle-soaked cravings. The new, exclusive TRUFF Hotter Sauce is available not only at Taco Bell (along with the TRUFF Nacho Fries) but also—and this is very important—online. So you can enjoy saucy, saucy goodness without ever leaving your precious home. But you need to act fast: the sauce will only be around for two weeks or while supplies last, allowing you to order ten packets for $5.99 with free shipping.

Taco Bell knows how to make a mean sauce, and if there is anyone I trust to take TRUFF’s iconic formula and make it ten times better, it’s Taco Bell. A quick poll around the office showed that everyone’s favorite Taco Bell sauce is currently Diablo, but I think we all know that’s all about to change with this new saucy news. As lovers of hot sauces and truffle flavoring, we at Sporked will be rushing to slather this sauce on anything and everything once we can get our hands on it. If you love Taco Bell and TRUFF, you’ll definitely want to try this sauce.

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