We Tried the Try Guys Hot Sauce!

If you’ve ever been on the internet (which I’m assuming you have because you’re looking at this website right now), you have seen the Try Guys. You probably even love them! And one of their most beloved series is Keith Eats the Menu. Now, Keith has his own line of hot sauces! We tried all three to see how they stack up. Are they just internet hype or are they actually good bottles of hot sauce?

try guys hot sauce

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Keith’s Hot Sauce

Keith’s hot sauce comes in three different varieties (Burger Sauce, Taco Sauce, and Chicken Sauce), and I loved all three. They’re billed as “not too hot” and that scared me a little. They’re super flavorful but, trust me, they still have some kick. The taco sauce is cumin-forward and bright. The burger sauce is a little smokey and savory. The chicken sauce is tangy and is the closest of the three to a traditional hot sauce. If you want my individual ranking, it’s Keith’s Taco Sauce, Keith’s Burger Sauce, and then Keith’s Chicken Sauce. I would buy any of these again. Good job on the Keith Habersberger hot sauce, Keith!

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