How to Make the Ultimate Pumpkin Pie

When I was in college, I learned how to make my own pumpkin pie. It’s very simple. All you need are eggs, a can of pumpkin, a pie crust, some condensed milk or half & half, and some nutmeg, salt, ginger, and cinnamon for seasoning. It’s also easy to screw up if you don’t buy the best ingredients. Whether you’re brand new to making pumpkin pie or you have pumpkin spice coursing through your veins, we have the recs you need to make a delicious pumpkin pie this fall.

best pie crust

The Crust

Wholly Wholesome Organic Traditional 9” Pie Shells

Sporked contributor Danny Palumbo wrote that this premade pie shell “would work as a base for both sweet and savory pies.” That versatility makes it the perfect crust for pumpkin pie. Pumpkin pie filling is complex—it’s sweet but earthy, and this crust complements both sides of its flavor profile. Buy a few of these and keep them in the freezer—you’re sure to use them this fall, no matter what kind of pie you’re making.

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best canned pumpkin

The Canned Pumpkin

O Organics Pumpkin

Canned pumpkin is canned pumpkin, right? Wrong! When Sporked managing editor Gwynedd Stuart dug her spoon into more than a dozen cans of canned pumpkin for our taste test, she discovered that some are way tastier than others, and O Organics makes the tastiest of them all. Why? Big pumpkin flavor. Or as Gwynedd put it, “Big gourd energy.” It’s smooth, has a pleasant, sweet aroma, and tastes like it came fresh from the pumpkin patch.

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best canned whipped cream

The Whipped Cream

Great Value Extra Creamy Dairy Whipped Topping

You can’t have pumpkin pie without whipped cream (unless you prefer your pie with ice cream, but we’ll get to that in a sec). Pumpkin pie filling is thick, so we’re pairing it with a nice, thick whipped cream from Walmart. It’s cheap, accessible, and tasty, too. The extra creamy variety has that nice fatty flavor that complements the vegetal nature of pumpkin pie filling.

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best vanilla ice cream

The Ice Cream

Alden’s Organic Vanilla Bean

If you’re on team ice cream, we have the vanilla ice cream you should be buying to go with your pies. It’s sweet and creamy, but it also has an “almost barky, woodsy flavor,” according to Sporked staff writer Jordan Myrick, and that makes it perfect for pumpkin pie.  Please enjoy your dessert. 

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