5 Unexpectedly Gluten Free Snacks We Love

If you’re gluten free, you probably already have a list of gluten free snacks on deck  and we don’t want to bore you with the classic gluten free goodies like Nut-Thins or parmesan crisps. Instead, these products fall into the category of “accidentally gluten free.” These products contain no gluten, but weren’t necessarily designed to be a “gluten free” product.

Whether you’re a lifelong gluten free girly or someone who is new to the gluten free game, these are five best unexpectedly gluten free snacks that we think you’ll love!

Chocolate Chex

Chocolate Chex is the best gluten free cereal you can buy. If you’ve been gluten free since you were a child, you might already know that. We at Sporked, on the other hand, are not gluten free and had literally no idea! Not only were we surprised by the fact that Chex are naturally gluten free because they’re made from rice, we were also surprised by the fact that these Chocolate Chex taste so good. I would honestly choose these over most non-gluten free chocolate cereals.

Trader Joe’s Breaded Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets

Did you know that Trader Joe’s breaded chicken nuggets are gluten free? Well, now you do. More importantly, now you know they’re the best frozen chicken nuggets you can buy at the grocery store. They are so juicy and tender and, unlike most gluten free chicken nuggets, they don’t have a weird gritty coating. These are one of the most delicious everyday products I’ve tried in my time at Sporked.

Bobo’s PB&J Oat Snacks

These were one of the best things we have eaten at work so far this year. They’re so weird and good. They’re really moist. Yes, I said moist! The little oatcakes are sweet and fruity and have a rich peanut butter flavor. These would satisfy a gluten free kid or adult (or any person that can and does eat gluten, too!).

Idahoan Triple Cheese Potato Shreds Cups

I have absolutely no clue who designed these, but I want to give them a little kiss. These cups of microwaveable, cheese-drenched potato shreds are a bonkers midday snack and I love it. If you want something to eat pre-midday nap, these are for you.

Crunchy Cheddar Jalapeño Cheetos

Did you know that all (yes, all) Cheetos are gluten free? That is so incredible! And when it comes to the best Cheetos flavors, these are the very best ones of all time. They’re crunchy, cheesy, and perfectly spiced. The jalapeño flavor is even slightly fruity, like a real jalapeño! Buy this unexpectedly gluten free snack whether you’re gluten free or not.

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