What Is a Stroopwafel? And What’s the Right Way to Eat It?

The first time I encountered a stroopwafel was at a rest stop on a road trip with a few friends. While the rest of us were getting potato chips or sodas and the like, one of my cohorts purchased a stroopwafel. “Stroopwafel?” we all chided. Preposterous. Well, I’m ready to admit that all of that derision was to mask a heavy feeling of jealousy. Why didn’t we all buy stroopwafels? And, in fact, what IS a stroopwafel? And why am I saying the word “stroopwafel” so much? Well, folks, just like a great piece of art causes one to ask questions, the same must be said for a yummy treat. And I hope to answer some of those questions today! 

What is a Stroopwafel?

A stroopwafel is a thin, round waffle cookie made from two layers of sweet baked dough held together by caramel syrup. In Dutch, “stroop” means syrup and “wafel” means…dang, I’m not sure! What could “wafel” mean? Well, I’m sure I’ll “iron” that out soon…maybe it’s of Belgian origin? Boy, do I have Eggo on MY face. Moving on…

A stroopwafel is an extremely pleasant way to start your day, or a great dessert to cap off a night. Honestly, they’re that rare treat that can be enjoyed 24 hours a day. Make room, doughnuts, there’s a new kid in this class! 

How to eat a stroopwafel?

Unlike the famous Reese’s Cup slogan, there actually is a “correct” way to consume a stroopwafel. Traditionally, a stroopwafel is best if eaten with a hot beverage, most commonly coffee. Place the stroopwafel on top of your mug so that the steam from the coffee gently heats the stroopwafel. After a few minutes, the caramel inside will have melted, and you can enjoy the rich sweetness of the confection to soften the delicious bitterness of the coffee! By doing this, you can notice more of the contrast between the waffles and the syrupy middle.

Where are stroopwafels from?

Stroopwafels originated in South Holland, and are thus Dutch. Luckily for us, though, stroopwafels have entered the mass-market and can be purchased anywhere from Trader Joe’s, to your local gas station. If they don’t sell them at your local gas station, tell the clerk there about them. Maybe the clerk will be so enticed that they’ll look up the recipe and whip up a homemade batch behind the counter, just for you two. Now, not only have you gotten yourself a delicious, potentially free stroopwafel, but you’ve also made a new friend. And at the end of the day, isn’t that what life’s all about? 

Here’s hoping you get your hands on one of these tasty treats sometime really soon. You deserve it. I mean it. Life’s difficult and sometimes all we have are little indulgences like stroopwafels. Plus, speaking quite selfishly, I just want to hear the phrase, “One stroopwafel, please!” said more often. That would make my life a little better, I’ll tell you that!

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