What Is Liquid Death? It’s Just Water, Right?

Water comes in cans now. It feels like a lame joke from a time travel movie in which someone from the ‘80s is transported to the present day and goes to the faucet to get a drink of water while everyone else looks at them like they’re bonkers while holding their canned water. But it makes sense. Our ground water got dirty or we learned more about what’s coming from the tap, so people started drinking from plastic bottles. Now we know that the plastic isn’t really recyclable so we’ve moved onto cans. But while millennials latched onto LaCroix flavors, Gen Z has set their sights on Liquid Death. But what is Liquid Death? Who owns Liquid Death? Is liquid death just water? Is Liquid Death alcoholic? Does Liquid Death have caffeine? Can kids drink Liquid Death? Let’s dive into the deep end and find out.

What is Liquid Death? 

Liquid Death is a canned water company that began selling its products in 2019. The brand is steeped in ironic “Heavy Metal” imagery reminiscent of early aughts stalwart Ed Hardy. Liquid Death comes in “tall boy” cans emblazoned with a melting skull that wouldn’t look out of place at a bar, party, rave, or festival. By marketing plain old water in such an aggressive, extreme manner, complete with tagline “murder your thirst,” Liquid Death managed to become one of the most followed beverage brands on TikTok. The brand is popular. The marketing is funny. People really like it, especially young people. So of course it’s getting a ton of attention. 

Who owns Liquid Death? 

Mike Cessario, the public face of Liquid Death, is the co-founder and CEO. He, along with J.R. Riggins, bartender Pat Cook, and artist Will Carsola, founded the company. The story goes that Cessario was at a Vans Warped Tour where he spoke with some bands that said they’d rather be drinking water on stage than energy drinks. So he got the idea to sell water but market it as if it was Monster. As a graphic designer and former Netflix creative director, Cessario was the perfect person for the job.

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Is Liquid Death just water? 

If you buy one of Liquid Death’s canned waters, then yes, Liquid Death is just plain old water. Now there are other beverages available from Liquid Death, but nothing too crazy. Mostly water, iced tea, and sparkling water in a few flavors. 

Is liquid death alcoholic?

There is no alcohol in Liquid Death. Even though Liquid Death may look like a beer in a tall boy can, it is not alcoholic. It comes in those cans because aluminum is more sustainable than plastic, it makes the water feel and taste colder, and because it looks cool. 

Does liquid death have caffeine?

Liquid Death water and sparkling water do not have caffeine either. Liquid Death has released a few teas that have a little caffeine in them, but no more than is usual for iced tea—about 30 mg. 

So, can kids drink Liquid Death? 

Sure! But they have to be a pretty cool kid. Otherwise it may look weird. If I saw a nerd kid with a Liquid Death can, I’d probably take it away from them. And then I’d drink it. I just really like Liquid Death.

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  • Nice explanation and straight to the point! I love Liquid Death as well, cheap and stimulating enough to replace an energy drink most days. I don’t drink as much high caffeine drinks anymore (my young heart is thanking me) and instead try to replace it with Liquid Death whenever I can. Nice article!

  • I love it, I love it, I LOVE IT 💗