What Is Olipop? Everything to Know About the Prebiotic Soda

It seems like a new soda alternative pops up every other day. I’ll discover new flavored seltzers and soda-like concoctions on almost every shopping excursion. Lately, the one that keeps smacking me in the face is Olipop. What is Olipop? Is it actually a lollipop that someone misspelled? Does Olipop make you poop or is that just me? Why does everything make me poop? And most importantly, who owns Olipop and why are they trying to make me poop? Let’s get to the bottom of it.

What is Olipop? 

Olipop is a wellness conscious soda-alternative that promotes digestive health. Olipop comes in a variety of nostalgic flavors like root beer, cola, and new lemon lime. The “Oli” from Olipop comes from oligosaccharides, a type of microbiome-supporting prebiotic. Olipop is loaded with fiber and prebiotics. Prebiotics feed probiotics; they help the healthy bacteria in your gut. 

Olipop a soda? 

Olipop is advertised as a “soda alternative” or a tonic, but technically it’s a soda. It has much less sugar than a typical soda however and is promoted as a healthy soda alternative with healthier ingredients. A can of Coke has around 39 grams of sugar, while Olipop has between 2-3 grams depending on the flavor. 

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Who owns Olipop?

Ben Goodwin and David Lester are the owners of Olipop and started the company because they were looking for “a healthier way to indulge sweet cravings without sacrificing health.” Olipop launched in 2017 but by 2022 it was available in Target stores across the U.S.

Does Olipop make you poop? 

Yes, Olipop makes you poop. Well, just about everything you consume makes you go to the bathroom, right? But a 9 ounce can of Olipop contains about 9 grams of fiber. The daily recommended fiber intake for the average adult is around 25-30 grams. So don’t go wild right away and chug a bunch of cans. Olipop gets this fiber from something called inulin. Inulins are not digested or absorbed in the stomach but instead stay in the bowel and help some beneficial bacteria grow. The inulin in Olipop comes from chicory root, cassava root, and Jerusalem artichoke. 

Does Olipop have alcohol in it? How about caffeine?

Olipop does not contain any alcohol. Well, unless you put some in it yourself. The stuff you buy at the store is alcohol free. There are multiple flavors of Olipop and most do not have caffeine but a few do. Typically the flavors labeled “cola” or “soda” are the more caffeine-ish ones. But if you are avoiding caffeine, it’s best to read the label. Oliopop is also vegan and gluten free.  I know the next time I’m craving a soda but don’t want all the sugar of a normal coke, and I haven’t pooped for a few days, I’m reaching for an Olipop!

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