What to Buy at Costco in May

I go to Costco way too often for a single guy. Most trips I go there just to buy a rotisserie chicken and hot dog combo (their loss leaders) so I can feel like I’m getting the most out of my membership. But once in a while, I still like to wander the aisles to see if there are any new and fun things I can add to my cart to spice up my life. These are some of the best new (to me, at least) products I found. Here’s what to buy at Costco in May.

Kirkland Signature Morning Bun

The latest addition to the Costco bakery section seems like a no brainer for pastry lovers. If you’re not familiar with the morning bun, it’s like a croissant and cinnamon roll had a citrusy baby. In other words, it’s utterly delicious! These come in a pack of nine, which might be a bit much for the solo shopper, but they’ll do great for a family or a weekend getaway when you need a quick and easy breakfast.

Petit Pot Mexican Hot Chocolate Dessert

I have an affinity for the “individual desserts in a glass cup” section at Costco. My first ever Costco haul included the s’mores souffle cups that were available at the time. I love checking out what they come up with each time I’ve visited since and this is the latest addition to the line. This looks perfect for keeping in the fridge and grabbing when you want to incorporate a fluffy bit of chocolate into the day!

Sun Tropics Sugarcane Drink

Summer is coming and this seems like a great drink for the soda adverse readers out there. It’s easier to gulp down when you want to crack open a cold can of something, but it won’t leave you hiccuping from all the carbonation. Even if you’re into fizzy drinks (burp on, brother), throw a few of these sweet sugarcane drinks into a cooler next to your beers and sodas when you throw a party so you have a range of bevs available for your guests.

Thinaddictives Mango Coconut Almond Thin Cookies

I saw these cookies in at least a dozen carts when I went to Costco this weekend/ It may be because they were on an endcap, but either way these might be the next viral product, so add them to your list of what to buy at Costco while you can. They come in convenient packs of three so you can throw them into your purse, backpack, or glovebox to have around to nibble on while you go through your busy day.

Seven Days Real Cocoa Sunflower Cereal

I’ve never met a cereal I didn’t like. If there was anything that’d put that to the test, it’d be sunflower cereal, but I think the real cocoa will do a lot of heavy lifting here. Think of the chocolate milk that cocoa will leave at the bottom of the bowl when you’re done eating! This Seven Days cereal is grain free, so it’s ideal for keto and gluten-free eaters, and cereal enjoyers alike.

Jackson’s Avocado Oil Sweet Potato Chips Sea Salt

Based on social media postings, it looks like these have gone in and out of stock at Costco. It was my first time noticing them at my Costco, so I think they work on this list of what you should buy at Costco this month. Sweet potato chips seem like such a clever way to switch things at BBQs this summer. Buy a giant Costco-sized bag and you can pig out all summer long.

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  • Oooo a new petite pot flavor!! I almost always get one they had a lemon cello last summer that was perfect and I like the pistachio one tho there is no pistachio nuts in it.