What to Dip Pretzels In: The Best Dips for Pretzels

As a hardcore defender of Dot’s Homestyle Pretzels, even I need the occasional break from the heavily seasoned pretzel twists. When I want to mix things up, I toss a bag of Snyder’s Snaps or Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps into my cart. As the Sporked crew pointed out in their ranking of the best pretzels, these are two of the best pretzels for dipping—but that opens another can of worms. There are so many dips to choose from at the grocery store! As always when it comes to snack-associated conundrums, we’re here to help. From ranch dip to onion dip to a vegan queso that will make you reevaluate the virtues of dairy-free cheese, these are the best dips for pretzels.

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Chipotle Bitchin’ Sauce

This Bitchin’ Sauce, one of the few actually spicy dip options out there, puts other dips to shame. Sporked senior writer Jordan Myrick likened this to a cross between hummus and chipotle aioli, and that marriage of creaminess and nuttiness is truly heaven on a crunchy pretzel. TBH, Bitchin’ Sauce is so good it kind of goes with everything, but pretzels are the perfect blank slate for something this savory and rich. When the question is what to dip pretzels in, Chipotle Bitchin’ Sauce is a very solid answer.

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Doritos Cool Ranch Jalapeño Dip

Sporked editor-in-chief Justine Sterling is a fellow believer in Cool Ranch Doritos, so you can trust her when she recommends this dip. Much to her surprise, Cool Ranch Jalapeño Dip is nuanced and creamy with a kick of zestiness at the end. Corn chips might seem like the most natural pairing with a Doritos dip, but you’ll actually get more of that pure, unadulterated ranch flavor when you scoop it up with a pretzel. It’s like you invented Cool Ranch pretzels before Frito-Lay could get around to it.

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Hidden Valley Pickle Flavored Ranch

Hidden Valley’s new kid on the salad dressing block is this dill pickle-flavored ranch, and it’s perfect for anyone who wants a little more tang (and ranch) in their lives. If you bust out a big-ass jar of pickles and start dunking them in ranch dressing, people might give you side eye. But dunking pretzels in a bowl of this creamy, delicious dressing delivers all that crunch and tang without the judgement. As Jordan noted in their review, this pickle-flavored ranch actually tastes briny like dill pickles, not just herby like dill.

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Good & Gather Classic Onion Dip

One of the best things about French onion soup is the crouton hidden beneath that bubbly layer of cheese. We like to think that the combo of this French onion dip and pretzels sort of mimics that soupy experience, but with a satisfying crunch (or not if you opt for soft pretzels). In their ranking of the best onion dips, Jordan described Good & Gather Classic Onion Dip as “super thick and creamy,” explaining that it “tastes more like cream cheese than sour cream, which is heavenly.” Sorry to any significant other, but when I crack open a tub of this dip, it’s not long for this world.

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Whole Foods 365 Roasted Garlic Hummus

Pretzels and hummus are an obvious pairing, so this one’s simple—grab the best hummus from Sporked’s hummus ranking and go to town. Contributor Danny Palumbo called this roasted garlic hummus from Whole Foods “superb”—it has all the depth of flavor of garlic without the astringent pungency that you’d get from raw garlic. Sure, you could roast some garlic cloves and then bust out the food processor to make your own hummus at home, but that’s the antithesis of laid-back pretzels and dip sort of experience.

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Trader Joe’s Vegan Nacho Dip

Pour this into a bowl, warm it up, and watch it disappear as you absentmindedly shovel it into your mouth. If you are a fan of pretzels and cheese, this is the grown-up version of a timeless classic—and you don’t have to worry about dairy bothering your grown-up stomach, either. This plant based queso has a smooth and creamy texture with an added bit of zest from onion and garlic powders, two of the most essential dip ingredients. As Justine pointed out in her review, you can eat this cold if you don’t have a microwave handy, but it’s definitely better hot. Still, convenience is the name of the game when it comes to the best dips for pretzels, so you do you, baby.

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