What to Eat if You Love ‘The Bachelorette’

I’ll level with you guys, I wouldn’t call myself a Bachelor Nation superfan. But I have dabbled and, hoo boi, the drama is really something. They fight over everything from women to piñatas to “stealing you for a sec,” and I am here for it. But watching The BacheloretteCharity’s season premieres on Monday, June 26 on ABC—just wouldn’t be the same without the snacks, because we all need a little something to loudly crunch every time something spicy happens, or at the very least some carbs to soak up all that tea they spill. So, here are some snacks for your Bachelorette viewing party that have earned our rose.

Baker’s Real Milk Chocolate Dipping Chocolate

I don’t fully know why, but this just makes sense to me. The Bachelorette is roses, roses are Valentine’s Day, Valentine’s Day is romantic, romantic is chocolate, chocolate is strawberries, et voila, we have arrived at our stop on the free association train: dipping chocolate (for strawberries or anything else that might strike your fancy). And this dipping chocolate is not only so creamy dreamy that managing editor Gwynedd Stuart called it “like melted Hershey’s Kisses, but smoother,” but it’s also microwavable, so you can have it piping hot, just like the drama on The Bachelorette.

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Pop Secret Movie Theater Butter

If the pop is secret, imagine what other secrets they might be hiding 👀. We may never know because unlike in The Bachelorette, we never get to watch awkward one-on-ones between different brands of microwave popcorn. I’ll say it though, this popcorn thinks it is a hot commodity (something they actually say about each other on Bachelor franchise shows for some reason), and it would be correct. According to contributor Danny Palumbo this popcorn “has the perfect balance of salt and butter that we’re looking for in the best microwave butter popcorn” and “mimics the alchemy of delicious movie theater popcorn.” A hot commodity, indeed.

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Jar of Nutella Eaten with a Spoon

Is there anything better than watching a bunch of very, very hot, dumb people do dumb but lovable things while eating delicious, sugary, hazelnut chocolate spread with a spoon? Let me know, Bachelor Nation.

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Trader Joe’s Roasted & Salted Fancy Mixed Nuts

Why are there fancy mixed nuts on this list? Because that is what The Bachelorette is, silly! If you are looking for what to eat at a Bachelorette watch party, eat fancy mixed nuts while watching fancy nuts do a mixture of weird, embarrassing things on TV. Also, this nut mix is so good editor-in-chief Justine Sterling called it “the platonic ideal of mixed nuts.” Plus no peanuts so even your Bachelorette-loving friends with allergies can join in the nutty fun.

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There is something so supremely powerful and satisfying about watching hot people do hot people things while we (the rest of the population) get to eat junk food and judge them. Does this make me toxic? Maybe. But I don’t really care, because I get to eat gelato that made Justine say “ooo-wee.” She described this ice cream by noting that it has “such a balance of harmonious flavors, that you cannot stop yourself from going back for bite after bite.” Go. Get. This. Plus. it tastes better than roses (though I know they don’t actually eat them on the show—usually.)

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I mean, if you want a snack as hot as the drama itself, it doesn’t get much hotter (or redder…like roses) than Takis Fuego. All Bachelor Nation-related shows, including The Bachelorette, often get a bad rap for being “tasteless” and I don’t think that’s true. I think that much like Takis Fuego, The Bachelorette is “not for the faint of heart, but is for the strong of taste buds,” as senior writer Jordan Myrick put it. See? It’s not that people who watch these shows have bad taste, we just have stronger tastebuds. Anyways, Takis are great.

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