What to Eat with Apple Pie

It is finally apple pie season and with that comes the question as old and American as apple pie itself: What should you eat with it? So whether you want something traditional, sweet, salty, or a little bit out there, this list is full of all the things you need to figure out what to serve with apple pie. (And please don’t feel obligated to make apple pie from scratch—we’ve ranked the best store bought apple pie to make your life significantly easier.)

Häagen-Dazs Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

I mean, come on. There are not many foods out there more cozy and satisfying than apple pie a la mode, so if you are wondering what to eat with apple pie I say take advantage of what Häagen-Dazs dazs best and pick up a pint of their vanilla ice cream. Trust us, their vanilla is anything but “vanilla,” if you catch my drift. Sporked senior writer Jordan Myrick even called this “the most perfect and most delicious vanilla ice cream you can imagine.” And they have tasted many many vanilla ice creams. Trust us, this will be the gateway to the perfect apple pie a la mode.

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Clover Sonoma Sweetened Whipped Topping

Whipped cream is another great answer to the philosophical conundrum that is “what to eat with apple pie.” It is basically apple pie a la mode but airier, less cold, and more likely to melt faster into your slice. Which, I might add, is not necessarily a bad thing. Plus, this particular whipped cream is just so delightfully rich, as well as “smooth, creamy, and fluffy” with a “fresh taste,” according to Jordan. So pop a Lactaid, because this one is worth it.

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Old Croc Sharp Cheddar Cheese

I know. WHAT?!? I too, recently became aware of the fact that a large portion of the United States puts cheese on their apple pies. Is this insane? Absolutely. Is it also insanely delicious? You bet your cheddar-doubting butt. And this cheddar is the cheddar to end all cheddars. That is to say, as Sporked managing editor Gwynedd Stuart put it, this is “special-occasion sharp cheddar.” But the creamy, salty, crumbly, nuttiness of this cheese lends itself perfectly to the crumbly sweetness that is apple pie. If this still gives you some cognitive dissonance, think of a charcuterie board. This is your cheese and the pie is the cracker with sweet jam or honey.

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Kraft Finely Shredded Sharp Cheddar

Now this one takes it one step further into crazy town. That is to say, this is just orange shredded cheddar. Nothing fancy, no special occasion needed—just straight-up, regular ol’ cheddar cheese, which I’m told New Englanders like to put on top of their pie while Midwesterners will put it straight in the crust for some added salty pizazz. I must confess I have never tried this combo but I have many friends who swear by it, so next time I make an apple pie I just might try this out. Plus, this cheese is the one for the job, with Justine noting that this bad boy “packs a lot of sharp cheddar cheese flavor into those delicate shreds.” So why not pack the cheese that is packed with sharp cheddar cheese flavor into your pie?

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Escuminac Extra Rare Maple Syrup

I know this may seem a bit like a sugar overload, but good, flavorful, real maple syrup is absolutely divine with cinnamon and apples, which, I might add, are the two main flavors in apple pie. And this maple syrup is truly a great one. It was the best real maple syrup the Sporked team tried, and it had a ton of flavor which Jordan described as “strong and totally authentically maple.” Go get this from Amazon and try it on your next apple pie a la mode.

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Trader Jacques’ Fleur de Sel Caramel Sauce

Ah yes, the caramel apple play. It’s been done, I know, but there is a reason it has been done. Caramel and apple simply go together. Wondering what to eat with apple pie? Here is your fool-proof answer. Plus, it is not a complete sugar bomb—this particular caramel has little fleur de sel salt crystals in it that break up the sweetness. Justine described it as “very caramelly. Like the inside of a caramel truffle,” and said that she “could and did eat this jarred caramel sauce with a spoon for dessert.” Just think about it: If it is that good on its own, it’s not like it would be worse with a big ol’ slice of apple pie.

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