What’s Always the Last Halloween Candy in Your Bowl?

We can all agree that candy in general is good. What we can’t agree on is which candies are objectively the best—or the worst. For every person who absolutely hates a certain candy, there will be a person who absolutely loves it. That’s just science. But there are definitely some Halloween candies that have a much smaller fanbase. We’re talking about the candies that would genuinely be in the running for worst Halloween candy, if objectively bad candy existed. We were curious what candies you all hate, so we took to X (formerly Twitter) to ask you, “Which Halloween candy is always the last candy left in your bowl?” Here is what you told us:

Not Nuts for Taffy

These horrible things lol —@KyKiKi84

I don’t mind these (which, by the way, are apparently called Mary Jane Peanut Butter Kisses)! I could see why a person wouldn’t like them, though. They taste sort of like peanut butter but mostly like molasses, and sometimes they’re rock hard and plasticky. Definitely hard to down a ton of these suckers.
Oh, Canada

🤮 —@AdamAlistairs

I had never heard of these before, but these are Kerr’s Molasses Kisses, and they sound like they must be kind of like Canada’s version of Mary Jane’s Kisses. The website describes them as “traditional Halloween taffy made with 10% real molasses using an original recipe.” Based on that description I would want to try one for sure, but judging by @AdamAlastairs opinion of these, it seems I may want to steer clear.
Sometimes You Never Feel Like a Nut

My kids always leave the mounds for me. I love the dark chocolate and coconut.. and Link FYI I do not like the almond joy because it’s not dipped in dark chocolate you just can’t take the almond off because that’s milk chocolate not dark —@SaraSmith177680

I mean, yeah, if you are a dark chocolate kinda gal, and you aren’t a fan of the almond, then Almond Joy just isn’t your scene.
The Classic Polarizer

“Candy corn is trash” —@SuckItYoshi7

I don’t think this world will ever stop fighting wars, fully adopt paper straws, or come to a consensus on candy corn.
Tootsie (Hold the Pop)

Tootsie roll —@SeashellXviv

I like Tootsie Rolls! Arguably more than Tootsie Pops, even. But I get this. Any flavor other than chocolate and I’m out. To be clear, I will still eat them because I have no standards. But you will never catch me actually buying orange-flavored Tootsie Rolls.
A Galaxy Close Close to Here

Milky way —@LittleRedTries

I get it. Milky Way is a less complex Snickers (flavor-wise) and a less complex Twix (texture-wise). Not for everyone!

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