Will Candy Lovers Go Nuts for a New Doughnut-Flavored Kit Kat?

If you are a fan of both Kit Kats and doughnuts, then you’re about to go nuts over a brand new Kit Kat flavor. According to Hershey, the new Chocolate Frosted Donut Kit Kat is in stores now. In the realm of new Kit Kat flavors—the brand has released everything from Blueberry Muffin to Churro in recent years—this may sound like a tame one. Really? A chocolate-flavored chocolate bar? But before you scream at them to give you a break (get it?), it sounds like there’s much more to this Kit Kat than chocolate.

Okay, you had us at “new Kit Kat flavor,” but what else do we know about this new Chocolate Frosted Donut Kit Kat?

In a press release, Hershey said that this bar “delivers the experience of biting into a fresh donut, with smooth milk chocolate layered delicately on top of donut flavored creme.” Visually, this offering looks different from the traditional Kit Kat that we know and love. Like a chocolate frosted doughnut, this doughnut-flavored Kit Kat is a golden brown on the bottom and a darker milk chocolate brown on the top.

According to associate Kit Kat brand manager Alex Kuzior, they know people love their bakery-inspired flavors, like the Birthday Cake Kit Kat, and so the Kit Kat team figured that everyone would enjoy a good chocolate-covered doughnut as well (most doughnuts are fried rather than baked, but point stands). I’m on board with that reasoning (and, geez, side note, but Kit Kat brainstorming meetings sound like my kinda jam).

This doughnut-flavored Kit Kat will be a permanent addition to the Kit Kat lineup, although, let’s face it, nothing on this extinction-inevitable planet is permanent. Still, this is a big move from Kit Kat. While it’s not unusual to hear about new Kit Kat flavors, those are usually limited edition flavors. For example, you can still get the limited edition Kit Kat Churro, but you can’t count on it being around forever.

So it sounds like they do-nut expect this doughnut-flavored Kit Kat to disappoint us, and while this isn’t a seasonal product, it is kind of wintry in nature. It will grow colder outside and instead of cuddling up with a doughnut and coffee, this Kit Kat could be your doughnut substitute. Do-nut knock it until you try it! 

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