Let’s Uncork the Best Publix Wine Deals

If you’re not standing in the Publix checkout line with at least four bottles of wine, you’re shopping wrong. Why? I’ll tell you. Eventually. I can’t give away all of my secrets just yet, can I? Here’s what I can say: Whether you’re new to Publix wine sales or simply want a refresher on Publix BOGO wines, stay tuned as we uncork some deals that would make any sommelier swoon! 

Last week, when I visited my hometown in Florida, I spent a lot of time at my comfort grocery store, Publix. In particular, two areas of Publix: the deli section (they’ve got fried pickle chips over there, you guys) and, of course, the wine aisle. I say “of course,” because while in Florida, I was staying with my family—and if there’s one thing that’s nice to have around as an adult in your late twenties posting up in your parent’s guest bedroom, it’s copious amounts of alcohol. 

Now, the examples I’m using here come from Publix wine sales I spotted at my local store…a week ago…from the date of this article. I don’t know when you’re reading this, or where you live (please, don’t tell me), but they might not apply to you. I’m here to walk you through the gist of what Publix wine sale items you should be looking for, and how to calculate the best Publix wine discounts. Remember, you can use their website to find the best wine at Publix on sale this week, near you.

BOGOs, BOGOs, BOGOs Galore

Oh, beautiful BOGOs. You’ll forever have my heart. BOGOs are a staple of Publix shopping, and that applies to Publix wine deals as well. Let me tell you—these Publix BOGO wines go fast. When I scoured the wine aisle, I counted around eight different bottles with the BOGO sticker, and they were all basically gone from the shelves. Publix BOGO wines tend to switch up every week, so make sure to grab them while you can. Here are three BOGOs I spotted, and their prices compared to other popular wine merchants. 

Brancott Estate Wine Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc (2023) — 2 Bottles for $13.99

This 2023 Sauvignon Blanc is actually tricky to find (currently) at other retailers, so I was surprised to spot it as a Publix BOGO wine. Vivino reports that one bottle sells for an average of $15, making this a pretty sweet deal. Reviewers compliment the wine’s dryness, acidity, and bright notes of grapefruit.

Art of the Cooper Chardonnay (2022) — 2 Bottles for $18.99

​​This Art of the Cooper Chardonnay is a good example of more realistic BOGOs you’re going to find at Publix. According to Vivino, this bottle tends to retail for around $13.50. From my experience, it’s pretty common for Publix to upcharge bottles on BOGO, but, at the end of the day, you’re obviously still getting a much better value with a two for one. Reviews note flavors of oak and vanilla, with medium acidity. 

Substance Cabernet Sauvignon (2018) — 2 Bottles for $19.89

This cabernet has over 7,000 reviews on Vivino (majority four-stars) and reportedly sells for about $18.97 a bottle on average. Again, this was tricky for me to find anywhere online at other major wine merchants, so I was pleasantly surprised to find it on BOGO at Publix! 

Publix Wine on Sale 

Okay, honesty hour: I compared prices of wine sold at Publix with other retailers like Kroger and Total Wine, and I have to say, Publix could definitely price things more competitively—and that includes their sale items. I’m not going to wine about it too much (har-har), but it was pretty easy to find cheaper bottles of popular vintages elsewhere. (Of course, Total Wine will usually have the most competitive price—but hey, you don’t always have time to visit another store when you’re grocery shopping.) Here’s my theory: Publix tries to keep prices at (or above, from what I can tell) other stores due to their wine discount program—which I’ll get into more in a bit. That said, I did find some sale items—like this Ferrari Carano Fume Blanc (2022) priced at $13.99—that beat out most other competitors. So stay on the lookout for Publix wines on sale, but don’t be too surprised if your local Total Wine has a better price!

Publix Wine on Clearance

Pro tip: Always check for bottles on clearance. It doesn’t always mean that wine is terrible and no one buys it—sometimes, for any number of reasons, stores aren’t able to restock certain products, so they end up on clearance. For example, this fairly highly rated 1000 Stories Zinfandel Bourbon Barrel Aged (2021) red wine that usually retails for $19, priced at $9.99. Look for those little orange clearance stickers, y’all!

What is the Publix Wine Discount Program? 

Personally, I think the name “Publix Wine Discount Program” is a little misleading. This isn’t a program you have to join, or even an existing part of your Club Publix membership. It’s literally just a built-in discount that anyone and everyone can benefit from when they buy wine from Publix in bulk. You save 5% on purchases of four to seve bottles of wine, and 10% when you buy eight or more bottles. (Note: This only applies to non-sale items.) This is a pretty nice Publix perk, if you ask me—and a great tactic to have shoppers buy spirits in bulk. (That’s right, spirits—the same discount applies to all Publix liquor, not just wines.)

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