A Salty-Sweet Review of Trader Joe’s New Snacky Clusters

I don’t have a sweet tooth. I have a salty-sweet tooth. I love chocolate-covered pretzels and I demand a sprinkling of crunchy sea salt on my chocolate chip cookies. So, I was psyched to spot Trader Joe’s new Snacky Clusters on the shelf. Here’s what’s in them: Sea Salt Potato Chips, Corn Chip Dippers (some of the best corn chips out there), and Mini Pretzel Nuggets, all crushed up and coated with milk chocolate. It sounds perfect. But is it? Here’s my review. 

trader joe's snacky clusters

New Trader Joe’s Food!

Trader Joe’s Snacky Clusters

Let’s start with the positive. Trader Joe’s Snacky Clusters are crunchy. They have a great mix of textures thanks to the thin, crispy chips (we happen to love TJ’s potato chips), the thick, crunchy corn chips, and the chunky pretzels. And the chocolate is good, too. It almost tastes European—it has that little bit of fruitiness and it’s exceptionally creamy. The flavor of the corn chips with the chocolate is fun and unique. And the size of the clusters is just right. You can eat them in one bite, no problem. Okay, now it’s time to take your medicine, TJ’s. Where is the salt?!!! I can’t believe between sea salt chips and salted pretzels, I barely tasted any salt. It’s a big let down. I would even accept a sprinkling of sea salt on top of the clusters as a solution if the snacks themselves somehow lose their salt in the cooking process. I’m not mad, TJ’s, I’m just disappointed. Let’s correct this for the next batch, shall we?




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  • I should have read this before buying because I feel the same way!