The Sporked Guide to Adulting

Adulting is hard. We all know that. Luckily, Sporked is here to make it a little easier. This is a list of guides that will come in handy when you’re trying to be the best version of your adult self (or when you just need a little help trying to get by). This is the Sporked guide to adulting.

Snack Ideas for Adults

snack ideas for adults
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Looking to up your snack game? These are the best snack ideas for adults. The products on this list are still delicious and fun, but they feel a little more mature than the kid-friendly snacks your parents stocked in their pantry.

What to Bring to a Potluck (if You Don’t Cook)

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Now that you’re an adult, you will start getting invited to parties where you are expected to bring something more than beer. Stressful, I know. You don’t have to be good in the kitchen to be good at a party though. These are items to bring to a potluck if you are a lost cause when it comes to cooking.

Best Drinks for an Upset Stomach

best drinks for an upset stomach
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As you get older, your body changes. People don’t talk about it enough. Once I hit my mid 20s, everything started giving me heartburn. I mean literally everything. Dietary changes may be necessary with age. These are some of the best drinks to sip on if a wonky stomach gets the best of your adult self.

The Best Work-from-Home Snacks

best wfh snacks
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When you’re working from home, you need snacks. An essential part of adulthood is being responsible enough to keep yourself fed so you don’t get hangry. 

What to Buy at the Grocery Store if Your Parents Are Visiting

parents visiting groceries
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Your parents coming to visit can be stressful. You need to replace the Chipotle napkins by your toilet with real toilet paper and get all the half-full glasses of water out of your room. You must appear to be put together so they don’t try to take you back to their house. Use this list as a guide for what to buy when your parents come to visit.

What to Buy at the Grocery Store if You’re Living Alone for the First Time

what to eat if you live by yourself
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Shopping for one can be daunting. How do you know what to buy? And so many products come in such large sizes! Don’t panic. Read this article about what you should buy when you’re living alone for the first time.

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