The Best Work-From-Home Snacks

A lot has changed in the wake of the global pandemic, including how we work. Nowadays, it’s way more common for employers to let folks work from home. And if there’s one good thing about working from home, it’s those sweet, sweet work-from-home snacks. No lunch? No problem. The fridge and pantry are both there, ripe for the foraging and full of WFH snacks just waiting to accompany that PowerPoint you’ve been putting off for weeks. There are so many options, from healthy WFH snacks to snacks that are good for WFH precisely because they’re not healthy and no one but your cat is around to watch you. Don’t worry, we covered ‘em all.

Mizuho Boba Black Milk Tea

Between two meetings and want some boba? Well, there’s no time to run to a boba shop, but if you are working from home there is certainly time to make yourself some using Sporked’s favorite instant boba kit. Mizuho Boba Black Milk Tea is, as senior writer Jordan Myrick put it, perfect.  They noted that it has “plenty of sweet sugariness, but you also get real black tea flavor.” If you are a boba fiend, you need to add this to your arsenal of WFH snacks.

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Oikos Lemon Meringue

Yogurt is tough sometimes. If your workplace doesn’t have a fridge (or a fridge near where you specifically sit), you’re always asking yourself, “How long can my yogurt sit out before I shouldn’t eat it due to the whole food safety thing?” Work from home has singlehandedly solved that dilemma. No longer do you need to choose between risking a stomachache for tepid yogurt or taking the long walk of shame to the fridge and back to your desk. Now you can just pull a delicious lemon meringue Oikos from your apartment fridge five feet away from you, and enjoy a yogurt wherein the “tartness of the lemon and the natural tartness of the rich, decadent yogurt are a match made in heaven,” according to managing editor Gwynedd Stuart.

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These are on the list, a.) Because these rule, and, b.) Because you’re at home and no one can judge you for holding a delicious sheet of stretchy sugar to your tongue for a minute, then rushing to the bathroom to see if it showed up as anything other than a blue blob, even though you know dang well it is gonna look like a blue blob.

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I don’t know what people’s problem is, but over the years string cheese has been relegated to the role of a kids-only food. Well, this kid thinks that string cheese is perhaps one of the best snacks in existence and should indeed be socially acceptable for adults to consume. And I don’t just mean chomped through as fast as possible like you have somewhere to be—I mean consumed string by string, meticulously over the course of ten minutes the way god intended. At the office, this might not fly. But keep this string cheese on hand as one of your healthy WFH snacks and you can take all the time in the world.

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I think more people would snack on Cheetos at work if not for the tell-tale stained fingers that go along with it. And even if you have discovered the cuticle-saving magic that is Cheetos and chopsticks, you might get some looks at work for that, too. Enter, Cheetos as a WFH snack. And this particular flavor of Cheetos is so good that Sporked contributor Danny Palumbo called them the “perfect combination of cheesy and spicy,” and “far and away the most balanced and delicious Cheetos product.” Give. These. A. Try.

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Whole Foods 365 Roasted Garlic Hummus

What’s this? A healthy WFH snack? You bet your healthy butt it is. One of my least favorite things when I go into the office with hummus and carrots is that I have to figure out how to eat them at my desk in a way that won’t cause my coworkers’ eardrums to explode with the sheer force of the sonorous bursts emanating from my maw. In other words, they cronch too loud. The solution? Working from home and enjoying my carrots as loudly as I want along with this delicious hummus from Whole Foods, which Danny described as “thick, not watery” with a “nice balance of sesame flavor and lemon to boot.” And you don’t have to worry about who you’ll offend with your garlic breath later.

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Why not? The oven is right there. Live your nugg-filled WFH snack dreams. Besides, these well-seasoned nuggets are a 10/10.

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