The Best Air Fryer Foods at Costco

My love for Costco (which is well documented) is rivaled only by my love for the air fryer. I’m a huge texture girlie, so the moment I learned I could get restaurant-quality crunch in my food at home without investing in a deep fryer, it was a wrap (literally, I made some crunchy chicken tenders and put them in a wrap). While I was walking the aisles of Costco on my latest trip (both for pleasure and to get my steps in), I looked for the best things to grab to feed my never-ending addiction to the perfect bite. Here are the best air fryer foods at Costco that I recently spotted and promptly added to my shopping list.

Three Bridges Egg & Chorizo Breakfast Burrito

A breakfast burrito with eggs, chorizo, potatoes, and cheese, all wrapped up in a tortilla? And I can throw it in the air fryer and forget about it? Don’t tempt me with a good time, Costco! Granted, this takes twenty five whole ass minutes to make in the air fryer. But hey, you can roll back into bed and sneak a little nap in while you wait!

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Del Real Foods Queso con Rojas Pupusas

Central America really popped off when they made the pupusa. Flatbreads with cheese inside them? I think everyone would be happier if they were eating more pupusas. If you don’t have a Salvadoran restaurant nearby, Costco is coming in clutch to solve that issue with these easily prepared pupusas filled with cheese and chiles. They look good enough to eat on their own out of the air fryer, but you can go the extra mile and top with your favorite salsa or slaw. The best air fryer foods go beyond chicken nuggets!

Yummy Dino Buddies Dinosaur-Shaped Chicken Breast Nuggets

Okay, I know what I just said, but you gotta admit that chicken nuggets are some of the best frozen foods for the air fryer. You can never get nuggets crispy enough when you make them in the oven. And when I bite into a chicken nugget, I want to hear it! Well, before I drown it in BBQ sauce, that is. These air fryer-ready nuggets are a must to have in the freezer. Sure, Costco has more grown up options for chicken nuggets but there’s always room for a little fun on our plates, so let’s get the dino nuggies instead!

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Royal Asia Coconut Shrimp with Sweet Thai Chili Sauce

The crunch factor is about to be dialed up to 11, my dudes. Load up your air fryer with these Costco coconut shrimp and warn the neighbors, because they’re going to hear that crunch when you dig in. Sure, you could cook them in the oven, but it just won’t be the same. These score extra points because they come with a packet of tangy dipping sauce—I really like when they do that.

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El Monterey Mexican Grill Chicken & Cheese Taquitos

If you didn’t know, now you know: Taquitos are some of the best air fryer foods you can buy. And is there anything more beautiful than knowing that at any given moment, you’re a mere eight minutes away from having a plate of taquitos in front of you? I say nay! And as many Sporked taste tests have revealed, El Monterey makes the best taquitos you can buy. Even if you’re a corn tortilla purist, you should try these flour-wrapped guys. They’re so crispy and satisfying, especially out of the air fryer.

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Royal Asia Vegetable Spring Rolls with Edamame

First burritos, then taquitos, now spring rolls? Wrapped-up foods just work well in the air fryer, and these spring rolls are some of the best air fryer foods at Costco for that reason. Pull them out when you need something to supplement your Chinese leftovers, so you at least get a little crispy, crunchy goodness with your dinner.

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Furlani Signature Garlic Toast

This garlic bread doesn’t come with air fryer instructions, but cooking garlic toast in the air fryer is something I personally believe is brilliant. Hear me out: Cooking garlic toast in the air fryer is the best way to get perfectly golden brown bread. Pop a slice or two into your air fryer, set it to 400 degrees, and cook for three minutes on each side. I’m usually not one to preach about properly stirring, flipping, or mixing when following instructions, but you do need to flip here. You can get restaurant-quality garlic toast straight from Costco if you cook it right!

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