10 Items or Less: Guy Fieri

Welcome to 10 Items or Less! A series in which we create a 10-item-or-less grocery haul for our favorite food-loving celebrities.

This week, we’re shopping for the mayor of Flavortown himself, Guy Fieri. This Food Network star, restaurateur, and cookbook author absolutely loves big flavors. I’ve selected the ten most exciting, delicious, and Guy Fieri-focused groceries that I would buy for the famed father of Donkey Sauce. Take this list to the grocery store with you if you want to shop like Guy Fieri (or if you are Guy Fieri and you happen to be reading this).

Pillsbury Bacon Toaster Scrambles

Guy Fieri hates eggs. It’s one of the most commonly known facts about him. I think he could learn to love eggs if he just tried these Pillsbury Bacon Toaster Scrambles. They are so incredibly delicious that they’re one of the best things we’ve eaten here at Sporked. I believe Guy would be an egg convert after one bite of this toaster strudel.

Blues Hog Original Barbecue Sauce

Did you know that Guy is in the Barbecue Hall of Fame? He was inducted in 2012. Because of that, I want him to try one of the best BBQ sauces we’ve ever tasted. I think he would really like the peppery, sweet, and savory sauce that I’m positive would taste good on literally any meat.

Beyond Sausage Brat Original

Guy is a master of meat, but is he a master of vegan meat? I want him to try our best vegan sausages for his next BBQ party. Whether he has some meat-free guests or he’s just looking to mix up what he’s tossing in the smoker, I think he should add these to his grocery store cart.

Bush’s Brown Sugar Hickory Baked Beans

What’s a BBQ without the best baked beans? These Bush’s Brown Sugar Hickory Baked Beans are our favorite baked beans we’ve ever tasted. They’re the perfect balance of sweet, smoky, and salty.

Sapporo Ichiban Tokyo Chicken Momosan Ramen

According to the Food Network’s website, Guy Fieri loves fellow Food Network star and celebrity chef Masaharu Morimoto. Morimoto happens to make one of the best instant ramens from our best instant ramen taste test. Guy Fieri, buy these decadent instant noodles made by your guy crush!

Casa Sanchez Medium Roasted Salsa Verde

Watching Diner, Drive-Ins, and Dives has taught me that Guy loves cilantro. I get it. It’s my favorite herb, too! I would make sure to buy him a container of the best salsa verde we’ve ever tasted because it is packed with fresh cilantro flavor.

Bud Light Extra Lime Chelada with Clamato

One of the most flavorful products I’ve tasted in my time at Sporked is the Bud Light Extra Lime Chelada with Clamato. It is so citrusy, salty, and spicy. This is a party in a can and Guy Fieri is a party in human form so they would be a perfect pair.

Bibigo Beef Pho Flavored Steamed Soup Dumplings

Guy always hypes up fusion food on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, so he has to try one of my favorite fusion foods (and favorite dumplings) of all time. These frozen soup dumplings taste like an entire bowl of pho in one tiny bite.

Natural Plus Green Sichuan Chili Oil

You can’t talk about flavor without talking about chili oil. This is the best chili oil we tasted and I think Guy would love it. He adores Asian food and this would compliment pretty much any dish from anywhere on the continent.

Heinz Mayoracha

It’s not just spicy mayo. It’s Mayoracha! It’s one of the best things we’ve eaten this year. It would go well on literally anything that needs a sauce and, as Guy and I both know, everything needs a sauce!

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