5 Fun Hot Chocolate Toppings for a Cold Winter’s Night

When we think of toppings, we often think of toppings for foods like pizza and ice cream. I strongly believe, however, that everything should have toppings. There isn’t a food in this world that isn’t better with a little extra flavor and/or texture on top.

And it doesn’t stop at food! Why not top beverages too? Here are five fun hot chocolate toppings to amp up your winter drinking. That’s right: Hot chocolate needs toppings too!

Pillow Mints

Pillow mints, butter mints, candy puffs—whatever you call these, you should be dropping them into hot chocolate! These soft mints will melt away or gently crunch between your teeth to create a pleasantly minty experience. If you’re a lover of chocolate and mint together, this is one of the best hot chocolate toppings out there.


These thin, light Dutch waffles filled with caramel are typically reserved for serving with coffee, but why stop there? Serve them with hot chocolate. The traditional way to eat these circular cookies is to place them on top of your mug so the caramel within them becomes warm and gooey. Do the same thing with hot chocolate and I promise you will satisfy your sweet tooth. (Mythical Kitchen’s Trevor Evarts will definitely approve.)

Graham Cracker Crumbs

I love graham cracker crumbs and I think they’re highly underrated. I love to top ice cream with them or use them as the crust for a pie. One of my favorite hot chocolate toppings is sprinkling a little of these bad boys over my mug of drinking chocolate. Add marshmallows and you’ve got s’mores in a cup!

Chocolate Frosting

This hot chocolate topping is for freaks (like me). Put a little chocolate frosting on top of your hot chocolate or line the lip of the mug for an extra chocolatey treat. It sounds decadent and that’s because it is! Only real chocolate lovers will like this. But if you are a chocolate lover, this is one of the best hot chocolate toppings.

Chocolate Cereal

Breakfast-ify your hot chocolate by topping it with chocolate cereal. It’ll give a little crunch and tons of fun to your hot beverage. My pick is Count Chocula because it also has marshmallows, but any of them would be absolutely delicious! Plus, chocolate cereals are such fun hot chocolate toppings for kids!

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