The Best Cookies for Fans of Crunchy Cookies

There’s nothing better than a warm, gooey chocolate chip cookie straight out of the oven. Nothing, I say! But sometimes there can be too much of a good thing. In those moments, it is time for a textural change: the big crunch. Here’s some of the best crunchy cookie options for people who aren’t afraid to let everyone around them know they are chowing down.

Tate’s Bake Shop Chocolate Chip Cookies

Tate’s has a top-tier crunch paired with a delicious, buttery taste. You can’t go wrong with their chocolate chip cookie, which is undoubtedly their best. For such a thin cookie, it is crammed with chocolate and the crispiness is like a fireworks explosion of crumbs with each bite. I dare you to not eat a whole bag of them. Just make sure you have a napkin handy to catch those crumbs.

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Anna’s Ginger Swedish Thins

As a Pennsylvanian, I have a fondness for Ivins’; their iconic orange box with the jolly baker is reminiscent of Santa himself and reminds me of cold winters dipping cookies into hot tea. But I have to admit, Anna’s Ginger Swedish Thins give Ivins’ a run for their money. They are the thinnest, simplest cookie imaginable, but they are so crispy and so ginger-y. And it makes sense—Swedes are dealing with oppressive cold 11 months out of the year, so they understand that satisfying ginger and tea combo.

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Stauffer’s Lemon Snaps

These thin, crispy, lemony cookies work equally well with a hot cup of tea on a cold night and they pack a lemon flavor that hits you right in the back of the mouth. You know that spot all the way in the back behind your teeth near where your jaw connects to your skull? That’s where this snap gets you. It’s a tart, powerful crunch that’s a great alternative for those tired of ginger snaps.

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Tate’s Walnut Chocolate Chip Cookies

That’s right. Tate’s is such a leader in the crunchy cookie game that they appear twice on this list. These geniuses looked at their iconic chocolate chip cookie and said, “Not crunchy enough!” So they upped the crunch with walnuts, which can be a divisive ingredient; my mom winds up making Christmas chocolate chip cookies two ways—one with walnuts and one without—because our family is so divided on them. This year, I’m buying a dozen bags of these Tate’s cookies to help lighten her load.

Oreo Extra Stuf Thins

Both my mom and my aunt make incredible Christmas cookies of all kinds. And I would never say this to their faces, but Oreos are the best cookies ever made. Sorry not sorry. And the Oreo Extra Stuf Thins, according to Sporked, are the best of the best. And while I agree, my personal list also has them sharing a 27-way tie with all the others. Except the birthday cake ones; those are in last place. Anyway, the Extra Stuf Thins strike a perfect balance between cream and cookie, and the thin variety of cookie has double the crunch of the traditional variety. It’s a special thing.

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