The Best Frozen Burrito & Salsa Pairings

I’m terrible at cooking food when I should, so at least once a week, I run out of meals that are ready to be eaten. I’ve been trying to minimize how frequently this happens by stocking my freezer with the best frozen food in the world: the frozen burrito. Frozen burritos are tasty, filling, and cheap as hell. But even the ultimate convenience meal deserves a little love. Seriously, I can’t think of a single frozen burrito that wouldn’t benefit from a drizzle of a tasty, complementary salsa. Did you dry out your burrito by overcooking it in the microwave for ten seconds too long? Put some salsa on it! Do you need to pretend like your frozen burrito is a totally balanced meal that even includes a vegetable? Put some salsa on it! I’ve made my point. Here we’ve rounded up the best frozen burritos from our taste tests—bean! chicken! (fake) beef!—and paired them with the ideal salsa to take the guess work out of making what definitely qualifies as dinner in the absence of other options.

Ramona’s Bean & Cheese Burrito + Casa Sanchez Foods Hot Salsa Roja

best bean burrito with salsa

Bean and cheese burritos are simple, satisfying, and rib sticking. But zesty? Not so much. That’s why we’re pairing Ramona’s Bean & Cheese burrito with Casa Sanchez’s hot red salsa, which Sporked senior writer Jordan Myrick called “easily the most flavorful salsa” we tried during our red salsa taste test (and we tried a lot of salsa during our taste test). And did we mention how perfect this bean burrito is? The refried pinto beans are smooth and tasty instead of grainy and flavorless like they are in so many other frozen burritos, and the cheese doesn’t just evaporate when you zap this in the microwave. Seriously, pair this with the simple, straightforward, but genuinely spicy red salsa and your mouth will thank you for investing in its happiness.

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Trader Joe’s Chicken Chili Verde Burritos + Casa Sanchez Medium Roasted Salsa Verde

best frozen burrito and salsa pairings

If you watched Survivor 44, you heard host Jeff Probst use the term “full-tilt boogie.” To my understanding, the phrase means playing the game without a care in the world, not holding back, and just going full bore into your gameplay. What I’m getting at is that I feel like Jeff would refer to this next burrito and salsa pairing “full-tilt boogie.” The best salsa for a burrito as life changing as Trader Joe’s Chicken Chili Verde Burrito—which Jordan said they would happily eat once a day for the rest of their life—is one that can make the mouth-watering chili verde flavor go “full-tilt boogie.” Lean into the flavor of bright tomatillos and zesty garlic by dousing your TJ’s ‘rito in Casa Sanchez Medium Roasted Salsa Verde, which Jordan specifically said tastes like it was made to pair with a burrito. Jeff Probst would approve (we thinks; don’t sue us Jeff Probst).

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Alpha Plant-Based Mexicali Burrito + Herdez Mild Guacamole Salsa

best frozen burrito and salsa combos

When the Sporked crew taste tested beef burritos, they weren’t impressed with many. So what wound up happening? A beefless beef burrito landed in the the top spot on their ranking. Life is wild like that sometimes! But hear us out: Even if you’re not vegetarian, you’ll dig this (fake) meaty burrito from Alpha, especially if you do the right thing and sauce it up with Herdez Guacamole Salsa. The burrito itself is loaded with spice and flavor, so we paired it with a mild, creamy salsa to cut some of that richness. Other avocado salsas verge on just being guac. But Herdez guacamole salsa is actually a salsa. As Jordan put it, “The bottled Herdez guacamole salsa is the closest thing we tried to actual avocado salsa. This is the actual texture of a salsa you’d pour onto a taco or use as a dip for tortilla chips.” Plus, it’s super creamy without actually containing any dairy, which makes this combo perfecto for vegans.

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Artisan Bistro Chicken Burrito + Simple Truth Organic Pineapple Habanero Salsa

best frozen burrito and salsa pairings

Artisan Bistro Chicken Burrito really brings a lot to the table all on its own. It has big chunks of chicken that are smothered in a filling that’s “cheesy and warm and flavorful,” all wrapped in a soft tortilla. Sometimes the best burrito with salsa is one that does 95% of the heavy lifting, so have some fun by pairing this exemplary burrito with a fruity, spicy habanero salsa. According to Jordan, it’s a “little roasty and a lot savory, with a fruity backbone” and if that doesn’t sound delicious to you (especially with a nice, meaty chicken burrito), you may be reading the wrong article.

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Tina’s Breakfast Burrito, Handcrafted, Egg, Sausage & Cheddar Cheese + Pace Restaurant Style Salsa

best burrito with salsa

Tina’s breakfast burritos are so cheesy and eggy that Sporked editor-in-chief Justine Sterling referred to them as a “goop tubes.” We recommend dousing your early morning goop tube with a perfectly pureed salsa. Honestly, Pace makes an incredible restaurant-style—and the medium isn’t so spicy that it will give you indigestion first thing in the morning. If you love a McDonald’s breakfast burrito but always wanted something tastier to go with it than what comes in that little packet of picante sauce, this is the burrito and salsa pairing for you.

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