The Best Gingerbread House Kits We’ve Seen This Year

This is the year. This is the year you branch out instead of using that same old crusty-but-classic gingerbread house kit you have been buying every year since you can remember. Why? Because we have found some of the cutest and most unique gingerbread house kits on the internet and you are going to try one, gosh darn it! Break with tradition! Try something new! Heck, get the mid-century modern Gingerbread kit below from World Market and create your very own modern-but-somehow-also-a-bit-outdated gingerbread family home. Then destroy it and eat it quick before everything goes stale and it all becomes less appealing to eat. Seriously, you know you are going to eat it eventually anyway, so take some pictures, post them to Instagram, and then get on with it while it’s still good.

Oreo Pre-Built Cookie Kit House

Yes, this does mean that at one point there were both Oreo-flavored gingerbread houses and Gingerbread-flavored Oreos on the market. Yes, that does make me inexplicably angry. But would I buy one of these Oreo gingerbread house kits anyway? Absolutely I would. They look frickin’ delicious. This cookie house kit comes with a pre-built cookie house “made with Oreo signature cocoa,” eight Oreos, an Oreo creme-flavored icing packet with a decorating tip, red and green icing writers, and a bunch of colorful candies for decorating. If you like having a small house made of food around but don’t really like the taste of gingerbread, this is the way to go.

Holiday Camper Gingerbread Cookie Kit

Want to live that trailer life but only temporarily, hypothetically, and in cookie form? Then this is the gingerbread house kit for you. You can travel around the country (your tabletop) in this tiny, sugary camper trailer. The kit comes complete with pre-baked gingerbread cookie panels, candies, white icing, black icing pen, red food coloring, paper cutouts, and a tray to put it all on. Hopefully, it also comes with an extra car battery, supplies to make a fire, and some bear spray.

Barbie Build-You-Own Cookie Dreamhouse

Hi, Barbie! Do you ever think about gingerbread houses? You may have noticed that Barbie is having a moment this year and if you want to be that one cool and trendy gingerbread house on the block then you already know you have to get this alarmingly pink Barbie Dreamhouse kit. It comes with pre-baked cookies, pre-made icing, and festive candy, as well as cut-outs of Barbie, Barbie’s dog Taffy (side note: who knew our buddy Barbara had a dog?), and Christie (whoever that is; probably a friend of Barbie’s since she seems to know everybody). If you like Barbie but are also all about that van life, there is also a Barbie Camper Van gingerbread house kit.

Mid-Century Modern Gingerbread Cookie Kit

I know this gingerbrad house kit probably exists to amuse adults and or please architecture nerds but I love the idea that some kid sees this World Market and decides that mid-century modern is their favorite architecture style and that they simply must have this specific kit for their gingerbread house construction this year. This kit comes with cookie panels and clips to connect them, as well as icing, candy beads, pastel gumdrops, and peppermint sticks. World Market should really consider doing one in the style of Frank Gehry next year—I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

Hershey’s Build-Your-Own Chocolate Cookie House

Wish your gingerbread house kit contained a bit more chocolatey goodness? Turns out Hershey’s makes a bangin’ gingerbread house kit that isn’t really even gingerbread at all! Their kit comes with chocolate cookies, two cookie figures, an assortment of Hershey’s Milk Chocolate and Kisses, white icing, and colorful festive candies. In other words, a chocolate lover’s dream house (Barbie and her Dreamhouse are quaking).

Hasbro Candy Land Gingerbread House Kit

This is a crossover that just makes sense. Gingerbread houses are already built in the architectural style of the Candy Land board game (with the exception of the above mid-century modern offering from World Market), so why not lean into it and double down on the candy? Plus, the best gingerbread houses are the ones with good, real, candy on them so you can slyly pick it off and eat it when no one is looking. This one contains gingerbread panels, icing, candy jewels and stars, sprinkles, fruity gummies, mint swirls, and more. YUM.

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