The 8 Best Halloween Party Snacks

The best Halloween party food is spooky good and made to be shared with all the ghouls and goblins in your social circle. First of all, let us just say that we commend you for throwing a Halloween party. Nailing down and executing a killer costume is a lot of work, and you’re adding entertaining to the equation. Very brave. But we can help. The Sporked crew has taste tested a lot of seasonal snacks that make the perfect Halloween party foods. From mystery-flavored soda to pitch-black chips to the best tasting candy corn (yes, you have to have candy corn at your Halloween party), these are the best Halloween party foods to pick up at the store.  

Reese’s Bats

Reese’s Bats are one of the best Halloween party foods in part because they’re just so nostalgic. If eating one of these doesn’t unlock the core childhood memory of receiving a Reese’s peanut butter cup while trick-or-treating, and instantly feeling satisfied that you scored the good stuff in a sea of Smarties, then you haven’t lived. This bat-shaped Reese’s also has the ideal peanut butter-to-chocolate ratio. A perfect Halloween party snack and a perfect food, period. 

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Mtn Dew VooDEW

This Halloween party snack isn’t just a soda—it’s an activity. See, every fall Mtn Dew releases a new Halloween mystery flavor, and this year’s flavor is a collab with a popular Halloween candy brand. Mtn Dew has already confirmed what the mystery flavor is (no spoilers, but you can find out what it is here), but if people at your party aren’t keeping up with soda news, turn it into a guessing game! It’s more fun and less wet than bobbing for apples.

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The Good Crisp Co. Creepy Crisps

Normally, I wouldn’t go for black potato chips. Black isn’t exactly the color of a typical, healthy potato, you know? But Good Crisp Co.’s potato chips are solid; they are one of our favorite plain potato chips, in fact. So rest assured that these are spooky and taste good. If you add these to your list of Halloween party foods, don’t forget the dip. That would legit be scary. 

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Trader Joe’s Mexican Style Hot Cocoa Melts

Okay, here’s another interactive Halloween party food. These hot chocolate bombs look exactly like miniature pumpkins, and when they dissolve in hot water, it’s a thing of beauty. Spike this white chocolate-pumpkin spice hot bev with a little whiskey, and you’re really in business.

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Mini Hold the Cone Pumpkin Ginger

Considering all the Halloween candy people consume in the weeks leading up to the big day, an entire bowl of ice cream might feel like overkill. That makes these mini ice cream cones a very ideal Halloween party snack. The ice cream is pumpkin flavored, but it’s not too sweet. And the cone tastes like a crispy-crunchy pumpkin-spiced graham cracker. Pop a box of these in the freezer and people will still be talking about your Halloween party when Christmas rolls around.

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Pumpkin Brioche Twist

People might not say it aloud, but everyone wants an excuse to eat bread when they go to a party. This pumpkin brioche twist from Trader Joe’s is the perfect Halloween party food, yes, by virtue of being bread, but also because it’s part bread, part dessert. It’s fluffy and substantial but also light and sweet and packed with seasonal flavors. Normally, we’d encourage you to lie and say you made this yourself, but then you’d have people haunting you for the recipe. 

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Witch’s Brew Kit Kats

Trick-or-treating is frowned upon once you’re a grown-ass adult, so when it comes to Halloween party snacks, you kind of can’t go wrong with fun size Kit Kats. And you can go even less wrong with these fun, witchy Kit Kats, which are an icky pale green and taste like marshmallows. Buying these will make you feel like a festive queen who introduces your friends to new things.

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Brach’s Classic Candy Corn

Sure, candy corn may be polarizing, but it’s a staple and it looks great in a glass bowl. In short, you have to have a candy corn at your Halloween party. It’s the law. Brach’s candy corn is the correct texture and has that excellent buttery flavor only the best candy corn has. Most of your guests will only consume around three kernels of candy corn all year, so it’s up to you to make sure it’s the best.

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