The Best Juice to Mix with Vodka

Vodka was the first liquor I used to make mixed drinks—albeit, terrible mixed drinks—but the intention was there. I’ve since learned from my mistake of mixing Mike’s Hard Black Cherry Lemonade and vodka to get the most potent drink known to mankind, and I’m here to tell you there’s a better way. The Sporked team has taste tested many juices and in each category there’s been a clear favorite for what would make the best mixer. Here I’ve rounded up the best juice to mix with vodka for every occasion.

Uncle Matt’s Organic Orange Juice

As both a brunch fanatic and vodka defender, I’m a strong supporter of Screwdrivers at the breakfast table. They’re hard to mess up, especially if you grab the right orange juice for the job. According to Sporked editor-in-chief Justine Sterling, Uncle Matt’s Organic Orange Juice is the best orange juice to mix with vodka. It’s sweet and sour and has a tinge of acidity that makes it perfect for cocktails. This stuff makes great mimosas, too—just don’t be stingy with the champagne.

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RW Knudsen Family Just Pineapple Juice

I like to keep a stockpile of groceries in my cabinets that are just there for guests. It’s a small enough stockpile that it doesn’t get in the way of things, but its versatile enough that any random craving can be satisfied. That’s where you’ll find a shelf-stable bottle of RW Knudsen Family Just Pineapple Juice. Enjoyable on its own, it is also on hand to be the best juice to mix with vodka the next time a friend shows up with a bottle of Smirnoff in hand (I love when that happens). As managing editor Gwynedd Stuart pointed out, it’s a little thick and sweet, so it can hold up nicely to a shot of vodka. Or rum.

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If you don’t have the best Bloody Mary mix on hand, Clamato is a perfect tomato juice to mix with vodka in a pinch. As contributor Danny Palumbo noted in his ranking of the best tomato juice, Clamato has a lot going on: celery, garlic, onion, spices, not to mention a briny (but subtle) dose of clam juice. This stuff is ready to go. Just add vodka and enjoy.

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Tropicana Red Grapefruit

If you have a bottle of vodka, a bottle of grapefruit juice, and something sweet, like a can of frozen lemonade or OJ, voila, you have everything you need to make a punch. Will you need to randomly make a punch all that often in life? Maybe not, but living your life in potential party mode is never a bad idea. Anyway, this Tropicana Red Grapefruit juice is the juice to mix with vodka, especially if you’re making a simple punch. According to Gwynedd, it has “a flavor that would mesh well with other fruit juices rather than overpowering them.” If you aren’t hosting any punch-worthy parties in the near future, you can always keep this on hand for Greyhounds during the upcoming summer months.

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Simply Cranberry Cocktail

In their cranberry juice ranking, Sporked senior writer Jordan Myrick called Simply Cranberry Cocktail, coincidentally enough, the best cranberry juice for cocktails. Jordan found Simply’s cranberry juice to be pleasantly mellow and less saccharine than other brands, so it’s perfect for those who shy away from bevs that are overly sugary when they’re drinking. If you want to get fancy, add some simple syrup and a lime wedge and sip these all night long.

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