The Best Mixers with Gin (Including Snoop’s Favorite Juice)

My first experience with gin didn’t set me up for success. Many years ago, my grandfather handed me a Gin and Tonic that I can only assume was at least 80% gin. It took a little bit of time to rebound from that experience, but I’ve been able to rehabilitate my senses through a careful curation of the best mixers with gin. The best juice to mix with gin can help make a bitter spirit more palatable and the best soda to mix with gin can really make its unique, herbaceous flavor sparkle. No matter what you choose to mix with gin, just make sure you don’t let a grandpa mix that drink if you want to live!

Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water

I mean come on, what list of the best mixers with gin would be complete without a nice tonic water? Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water is lighter and more fragrant than the other tonics we tried during our taste test, so it really adds depth to a Gin and Tonic so you get more than just bitterness. The best soda to mix with gin can come in many forms, but we wouldn’t be doing this list justice if we didn’t pay our respects to the greatest soda for the job.

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Evolution Fresh Organic Grapefruit Juice

I’m a pretty simple man myself, so my favorite cocktails to make at home are ones that are super easy to throw together but give the illusion that I worked hard on them. A Salty Dog is just that. Mix grapefruit juice and gin in a salt-rimmed glass, give it a little stir, and people will think you’re a brilliant mixologist (seriously, anything in a rimmed glass is impressive). And what’s the best grapefruit juice to mix with gin? Well, this Evolution organic grapefruit juice rules because it’s about as close as you can get to freshly squeezed grapefruit juice without all the squeezing. It’s the perfect juice for a craft cocktail that you did very little to actually craft.

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Simply Lemonade

The best mixers with gin should be sweet enough to complement gin’s juniper berry bitterness, which is why Simply is the way to go if you’re making Gin and Lemonade. The sweetness of Simply Lemonade is “pleasant and rounded,” according to Sporked editor-in-chief Justine Sterling, but that doesn’t detract from the crisp, tart flavor. The best juice to mix with gin should bring out the best in gin and Simply does just that. This bev is just begging to be sipped on a front patio at dusk.

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Disney Donald Duck Outrageous Orange Juice

You probably wouldn’t have guessed that one of the best juices to mix with gin is a Disney-branded version named after an easily exasperated water bird, but you’re going to have to take our word for it. Or, you know, you could take Snoop Dogg’s word for it. According to several online sources, this is the “Gin and Juice” rapper’s favorite brand of orange juice (in fact, it’s even on his talent rider). As with Simply Lemonade, Disney Donald Duck Outrageous Orange Juice really benefits from a level of sweetness we couldn’t find in other orange juices to help balance out the bitterness of the gin. Oh and if you have kids, they’ll like it, too—just hold the gin.

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Sanzo Calamansi

Sparkling water is obviously good with gin, but if you want a mixer with gin that isn’t just plain, lemon, or lime, we have a suggestion: Sanzo Calamansi. If you’re not familiar, calamansi is a yellow-fleshed citrus fruit that’s popular in the Philippines. And this sparking water is made with real calamansi juice, making it a little sweet, a lot zesty, and very fresh tasting. This is another one of those mixers with gin that’ll trick people into thinking you have much more substantial mixology skills than you actually do.

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