The Best Sauces for Wraps

I’m going to be real: Sometimes I get so wrapped up in the worlds of sandwiches and burritos that I forget about wraps. And honestly? It’s because when you find wraps in the wild, they often aren’t as flavorful as a burrito or as texturally varied as a sandwich. A bit of a bland, mushy lose-lose, if you will. But here’s the thing. Wraps can be excellent and deserving of our love and all they are typically missing is one easy-to-add little thing: flavorful, not-super-wet sauce. So get ready to elevate your wrap game with the sauces for wraps listed below. Who knows? The best sauce for wraps (or at least your future fave) could be here on this list and you will never know until you give it a try.

Cardini’s Original Caesar Dressing

Ah, yes. The classic chicken caesar wrap. The thing you get at that convenience store/standalone cold box in the airport hallway that is inexplicably Guy Fieri branded (unless that’s just Burbank? Either Guy Fieri owns that airport or they own him). Want your chicken caesar wrap to take you all the way to Flavortown? Throw on some of this caesar from Cardini’s (the company that literally invented caesar dressing), and you will not be disappointed. Senior writer Jordan Myrick described this Caesar as “acidic, garlicky, perfectly creamy.” What more could you want in a classic sauce for wraps?

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JIF Extra Crunchy Peanut Butter

I know, what? Peanut butter in a wrap? Hear me out: make a peanut sauce. Mix that peanut butter with some soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, lime, sriracha, garlic, ginger—literally, whatever strikes your fancy. Honestly, even just peanut butter mixed with hoisin and a little water will do the trick in a pinch and will go beautifully with some protein and veggies in either a rice paper wrap or a tortilla. And why not use the best crunchy peanut butter we tried to make your sauce? Managing editor Gwynedd Stuart enjoyed the “sheer amount of crunch,” a great asset for a sauce to have if you are looking to make a wrap with some textural variation.

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Heinz Mayoracha

Look, could you just mix sriracha and mayo and call it a day? Yes, yes you could. But could you also just buy this pre-made sriracha mayo and go to town making a zillion different flavors of spicy wraps and only have to buy one product instead of two. The Sporked team had to grudgingly admit that while this product may not be the most necessary thing, it is in fact, delicious. Jordan described it as “great quality mayo mixed with the most delicious sriracha to give you a product that is creamy, spicy, garlicky, and just plain wonderful.” They even said they’d buy it in the future! And honestly, I’m considering picking up some of the stuff—as sauces for wraps go, this one seems like a winner.

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Whole Foods 365 Roasted Garlic Hummus

The great thing about hummus (besides that it is versatile, delicious, and all-around wonderful), is that it, unlike water, is not wet. This truly pushes it to the top of the list when it comes to the best sauce for wraps. You can add an incredible about of flavor to your wrap and barely add any moisture—especially when you get the most flavorful hummus tried, Whole Foods brand roasted garlic hummus. It has a huge amount of roasted garlic flavor, plus it is “thick, not watery, and it’s got a nice balance of sesame flavor and lemon to boot.” Truly an excellent hummus.

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Famous Dave’s Sweet & Zesty BBQ Sauce

Ah yes, the BBQ chicken wrap. They are either way too dry or WAY too wet, but somehow still lack flavor. Well you can solve that problem by using this highly flavorful (both sweet and zesty, it turns out) BBQ sauce with a “rich thickness” that certainly makes it a contender for the title of best sauce for wraps.

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Marie’s Creamy Ranch Dressing + Dip

Ranch is good on many things, but good ranch? Good ranch is good on anything, including your wraps, and this Marie’s ranch is no exception. Jordan noted that this ranch is “thick, creamy, and herby,” (note the thickness—ideal for an un-watery wrap), plus they pointed out that it has no “weird chemical-y aftertaste” that some other ranches sometimes have. Use this in a turkey wrap with bacon, lettuce, and tomato. Yum.

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