The Best Seasonings for Corn on the Cob

Nothing says summer quite like all the students at the beginning of High School Musical 2. But If I had to pick one thing that comes close, it’s corn. Yes, that iconic big lump with knobs has the juice, and I can’t imagine a more beautiful thing on a hot summer’s eve. And while trying it with butter changed everything for Corn Kid, we are going to change everything for you with these corn on the cob seasoning options that will cause you to pop your top (or at least your corn).

Everything but the Elote Seasoning Blend

I mean, corn and elote seasoning go together like, well, corn and elote seasoning. This stuff was MEANT for corn. Elote is a delicious Mexican street food comprising corn on the cob covered in creamy mayo and then topped with chili powder, lime, and cheese. This elote seasoning from Trader Joe’s does its best to approximate that by consolidating the flavor of the “entire dish’s multiple components into one savory sprinkle,” according to managing editor Gwynedd Stuart. This would be a truly great seasoning for corn on the cob, so pick some up and try it out this summer.

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I mean, it’s Tajin. It is salty, sour, and spicy, and it goes well on everything from fruit to a cocktail rim. And somewhere between those two extremes lies corn, wherein a sprinkling of Tajin over a thick layer of (life changing) butter or mayo would easily be in the running for best corn on the cob seasoning.

Hidden Valley Seasoning Packet

WHAT?! Ranch corn?! IS THAT EVEN LEGAL?! If you can believe it, yes it is. Now, I for one think this combo is glorious. It is basically just an unfried Cool Ranch Dorito—an S-tier seasoning for corn on the cob. This packet is so dang versatile, you need it in your life whether you end up using it on corn or not. Take that as our kernel of wisdom for you today.

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TJ’s Cheesy Seasoning Blend

What’s this? More Teej? Yes indeed, my friends, TJ’s does in fact know their way around a spice blend, and this cheesy, perfect seasoning for corn on the cob is no exception. Editor-in-chief Justine Sterling noted that this seasoning “has some real nuance” and “real aged flavor.” This also has a peppery flavor that puts it over the top.

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Yes, they actually make Tapatío in powdered form, and yes, it is actually good. While senior writer Jordan Myrick did mention that this delightful powder “could be sprinkled on pretty much anything,” they were also quick to point out that it makes a great seasoning for corn on the cob, especially as the chili component of elote. Go get some of this and make it your go-to corn on the cob seasoning (not to mention corn off the cob and popcorn).

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I heard from a reliable source that it changes everything.

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