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How many vegan snacks are in your kitchen? Whether you’re a longtime vegetarian or a Midwesterner meat eater looking to dip your toe in the plant-based waters (hi, it’s me), the Sporked crew has discovered lots of vegan eats that deserve a spot in your grocery cart. I’ve been a late convert to vegan snacks, but I’ve realized that I can take baby steps toward cutting down on meat and dairy without having to fully commit to the lifestyle. There are plenty of extremely delicious vegan snack ideas to satisfy any craving you may have—even if you still enjoy a beefy burger now and then.

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Trader Joe’s Vegan Nacho Dip

Everyone loves a cheese dip, so why would that change just because the dip is vegan? Trader Joe’s Vegan Nacho Dip is the perfect snack for a party or a mid-workday break—you can even just sneak a quick spoonful while you browse your fridge for something more substantial (although, Sporked editor-in-chief Justine Sterling did warn that it’s better warmed up). When Justine sat down to rank the best vegan queso, she was looking for good flavor and texture—and this dip has both. “It’s made with cashews and coconut oil, which, along with tapioca starch, help give it that smooth, creamy texture,” she wrote. “A little bit of onion and garlic powder give it that zesty flavor.” It tastes so much like non-vegan cheese, it might even fool your non-vegan friends.

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Gardein Ultimate Plant-Based Buffalo Chick’n Wings

When it comes to vegan snacks, flavor is always important, but texture is what can take them to the next level. And lots of companies are getting pretty good at emulating actual meat. In their ranking of the best vegan buffalo wings, senior writer Jordan Myrick gave Gardein Chick’n wings high marks. “They have such a perfect texture,” Jordan wrote. “The plant-based ‘wing’ pulls apart like real, dark meat chicken.” Also, the wings come with their own buffalo sauce, which makes them an easy product to throw together right out of the freezer for guests or just for yourself. You can also set aside their buffalo sauce packet and swap it out for your personal fave (we have some suggestions).

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MorningStar Farms Veggie Corn Dogs

You don’t have to commit to a full month of vegan eating (like Jordan and their girlfriend did this Veganuary) to enjoy this snack on a stick, one of Jordan’s favorite vegan treats. Who doesn’t love a corn dog? I’m partial to a Disneyland corn dog myself, but I’m fully on board with the MorningStar veggie corn dogs. Jordan called these “the perfect quick snack or meal when you are simply too tired to cook or even think.” You’ll thank your future self if you have these in the freezer the next time you want a low- to no-effort snack.

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Grilled Cheese made with Follow Your Heart Smoked Gouda

Next time you’re in the mood for grilled cheese, try swapping out your usual Kraft Singles for these vegan smoked gouda slices from Follow Your Heart. Unlike many other faux cheeses, this one is smooth and creamy, plus it has a pleasant smoky flavor to give you exactly what you desire in a grilled cheese. You might even find yourself nibbling on slices of this straight out of the fridge, just like Justine did when she ranked the five best vegan cheeses. (And, hey, don’t forget the plant-based butter!)

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Trader Joe’s Vegan Meatless Meat Eater’s Pizza

Truthfully, pizza is by far the food I’d miss the most if I were to go vegan, but knowing the Trader Joe’s Meatless Meat Eater’s Pizza is out there would make it a little easier. Scattered with faux pepperoni, faux Italian sausage, and vegan chorizo, this pizza was the best vegan pizza the Sporked crew tried during their taste test. You certainly don’t have to make the jump to only eating vegan, but if you and I see each other in the aisles of Trader Joe’s with a vegan meat pizza that “accidentally” fell into our carts, I promise to look the other way if you do, too.

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