Best Vegan Snacks You Wouldn’t Guess Are Vegan

Some vegan foods are just dumb. Like when people on TikTok tell you to try out their vegan meatloaf recipe and it’s just butter-less mashed potatoes formed into a log and wrapped in a large lettuce leaf. Sir, that is not “vegan meatloaf,” that is “vegan boiled potato lettuce log.” But this is 2023, and for the most part, we have become a more vegan-friendly society and moved past such wacky offerings and onto a brighter future where the vegan foods have flavor and the tasty foods are accidentally vegan sometimes. In other words, things are looking up, so here is our list of the best vegan snacks you wouldn’t necessarily guess are vegan.

 Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos

Believe it or not, these bad boys are vegan. They are, in fact, one of the only three vegan Doritos flavors, and they happen to be in the top three Doritos flavors overall according to our ranking of all the Doritos flavors, proving once and for all that vegans can have fun foods, too. In other words, these are a vegan win-win (which is a win wrapped in lettuce leaves). These chips present a super delicious mix of sweet, spicy, umami, and tangy. Senior writer Jordan Myrick likened them to “gyoza dipping sauce you get at a Japanese restaurant.” Plus, the packaging is a beautiful, vegan purple. What more could you want?

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This is just a fun fact. And while I’ve been told that some vegans recognize Oreos as vegan and others don’t due to “cross-contamination with other, more milk-containing products,” the ingredients are technically vegan, so if you are not too worried about all that, go grab milk’s favorite cookie and dunk it in your favorite alternative milk.

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Annie’s Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks Variety Pack

FINALLY SOME VEGAN GUMMIES!!! If you, like me, are a gummy fiend, except you happen to be vegan and had to give up gummies for the most part due to the animal derived-ness of most gelatinizing agents, you are in luck. Not only are these Annie’s gummies vegan and organic, they are also one of the best fruit snacks we tried overall. These bunny gummies are soft and floppy, and the berry ones we tried “smell like actual berries,” which is such an insane achievement for a thing as man-made as a fruit snack. So go grab yourself some vegan gummy friends, you vegan gummy fiend!

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These are the best tortilla chips on the market in general—and they’re vegan. They are thick enough to dip, salty enough to eat on their own, and have a unique “fresh out of the fryer” flavor that makes them taste, well, like someone just pulled them out of the fryer about ten seconds ago. They taste restaurant-made and are the perfect complement to guac, salsa, or really any vegan dip out there.

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MorningStar Farms Veggie Corn Dogs

Are you a vegan who misses corn dogs? Never fear, MorningStar has the perfect solution for you. These are sweet, savory, and delicious, and can function as a snack or part of a meal depending on your mood. These vegan corn dogs are so good they helped Jordan get through their Veganuary journey, and that’s saying a lot, Veganuary can be a toughie (it’s like a month wrapped in a symbolic lettuce leaf). Until recently, a number of MorningStar products weren’t vegan, but they’ve been updating their product line to make everything totally free of animal products.

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Buffalo Bitchin’ Sauce

Boooyah, baybee! Buffalo Bitchin’ Sauce is not just for the meats. No siree bob, this vegan, almond-based, spicy, tangy wonder is good on everything from pita chips to veggies, and really anything you put your mind to. Jordan, a professional food taste tester, called this dip “one of the best buffalo products I’ve ever had in my life,” and if that’s not a good indicator that you need this sauce in your life, I don’t know what is. Also, if you aren’t a buffalo guy, you could always try the Roasted Green Chile & Pepita or the Bombay Bitchin’ sauces instead. You truly, truly, cannot go wrong on this one.

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