7 Canned Foods You Should Be Buying at ShopRite

New Jersey gifted the world with GOATs galore: Atlantic City. Bon Jovi. ShopRite. ShopRite began in Newark, NJ and has tendrils in six northeastern states, providing a variety of groceries at an affordable price. But they’re known in particular for their canned foods. In fact, their semi-annual Can Can Sale is the stuff of legend (and it inspired this perennial earworm). 

But you don’t have to wait for the Can Can Sale to reap the benefits of ShopRite’s canned food game. I took a stroll through my local ShopRite to scout out the best cans on the shelves. Here are seven canned foods at ShopRite that’ll make you feel like a kid in a canned-y store. 

Campbell’s Ghost Pepper Chicken Noodle

Campbell’s took a childhood favorite and said, “Great, but what if it hurt so good?” and that’s how this soup was born. An oldie but a goodie with a new kick, this canned soup is a great way to remind yourself that the things you loved most from your youth can only be enjoyed with a spicy hint of the pain that comes with adulthood. That being said, it’s absolutely delicious.

Swanson Premium Chunk Canned Chicken Breast in Water

Canned chicken might have a bad rap, but lots of Vanilla Ices—er, I mean, people in general—have made a career of bad rap. It’s important to remember that fed is better than fancy. While eating canned chicken straight out of the can may not garner praise from Gordon Ramsey, it’s perfectly safe and conveniently portioned. When you’re short on time or energy, canned chicken is a quick, convenient blank canvas for anything from classic chicken salad to game day-worthy Buff chick dip.

Bowl & Basket Evaporated Milk 

Evaporated milk is an unsung hero of the culinary world. It can be used in sweet applications like the decadent tres leches cake, or savory applications like lucious chowders. Not to be confused with the unapologetically sugary sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk can be used to give body, add smoothness, and impart richness to dishes for all palates. Plus, it doesn’t go sour like regular cow’s milk, so it’s worth stocking up on a few cans of ShopRite’s store brand Bowl & Basket evaporated milk to stock your bunker.

Bowl & Basket Masala Style Garbanzo Beans

Who has time to soak chickpeas? Not us! Who has the spice cabinet well-stocked enough to make an Indian-inspired seasoning blend? Not us! Who can open a can that solves both of those problems at once? ShopRite’s store brand, Bowl & Basket! These pre-seasoned canned garbanzos are just a can opener away from enjoyment—if you like cold chickpeas straight out of the can. Otherwise, they’re a can opener, bowl, and microwave or small pot away from enjoyment. These are very small concessions to make for a delicious meal. 

Wholesome Pantry Unsweetened Coconut Milk

You may have to use a can opener on this can of coconut milk from ShopRite’s organic store brand, Wholesome Pantry, but we’d wager it’s still easier than opening a coconut. This canned coconut milk is free from artificials and additives, but remains affordable. This versatile product can be used as is in curries or stew, or diluted with water to bring it to carton-consistency for all of your hip, dairy-free, budding barista needs. Sorry Lactaid, we won’t be needing you today!

Wholesome Pantry Whole Kernel Corn

There’s nothing like fresh Jersey corn from the Garden State in the summer, but unfortunately weather and geography stop that from being accessible to everyone at all times. In such a cruel reality, canned corn is no slouch. We love that we can still have sweet little jewels of bright corn, even in the dead of winter. Plus, we’re inspired by the resilience of corn. If those kernels can make it unscathed through our digestive tract, we can make it through winter.

Bowl & Basket Corned Beef Hash

Corned beef hash is unabashedly salty, deliciously greasy, and the perfect breakfast food for a hangover, aka the exact time when the last thing you want to do is get your butt to a diner and speak to another person under bright lights around screaming kids. No more being torn between the desire for hash, the urge to crash, and the reluctance to spend cash! With this canned hash, you can bring the diner to your pantry. Whether you’re still in your going-out garb, haven’t yet changed out of your jammies, or honestly just want a midday snack, ShopRite’s canned corned beef hash is here for you. It loves you, and I love it.

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