Is Coca-Cola ‘Ultimate’ Coming Soon?

My goodness, Coca-Cola has gleefully gone off the rails lately. As we’ve previously reported (a bunch of times), the soft drink giant has taken a shine to releasing flavors that aren’t flavors, per se, but flavors that are basically abstract concepts (and/or names of DJs). Does the world really need Space-, Pixel-, Dream-, Action-, and Transformation-flavored Coca-Cola? Probably not, but I think the world kind of wants it, whether for the purpose of enjoying it or dunking on it as a united front (do I smell world peace?). And Coke knows that. Turns out that after dropping all these zany, abstract creations, Coke is reportedly giving us, as DJ Khaled would say, “Anotha One.” This forthcoming flavor, according to the soda-centric Instagram account @SodaSeekers? “Ultimate.”

What do we know so far about Coca-Cola Ultimate?

Well, to be honest, not a lot! Beyond SodaSeekers’ post, no official info has been released about this flavor. What scraps of info have we been able to glean so far? First, that Ultimate is reportedly a collab with Riot Games and League of Legends. Second, the photo indicates that it will have a black-and-gold label and will come in both zero sugar and regular versions. (Update: SodaSeekers shared a clearer image of the soda’s packaging on April 11.)

Apparently, soda hounds had been keeping their ears to the ground for a “gaming” flavor, and suspect that this is it. SodaSeekers’ informant says it’s expected to drop on June 12 and be available through September 10. The image posted to Instagram is so blurry it’s basically unreadable with the exception of the words “ultimate” and “Coca-Cola.” It’s so blurry, in fact, that one commenter asked, “Was this picture taken with a potato?” which made me chuckle, because of course potatoes would take really horrible pictures.

In conclusion, if the folks at SodaSeekers and their informants are to be believed, another Transformation is on its way. And I’m sure gamers can expect some sort of PR stunt or event or something happening with League of Legends to promote this, but it remains to be seen just what that lil bit o’ marketing will look like. We’ll just have to wait until June to get a taste of the “game.”

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