We Tried Everything Bagel with Cream Cheese Cup Noodles

Do you have a bagel right now? If the answer is yes, then toss it! It’s obsolete now because, lo and behold, Nissin has released a new product at the cutting edge of bagel and Cup Noodles technology: Everything Bagel with Cream Cheese Cup Noodles. Yeah, you heard me. This new, limited Cup Noodles flavor immerses ramen noodles in a cream cheese-flavored sauce, then tops it all off with everything bagel seasoning.

If having an Everything Bagel with Cream Cheese Cup Noodles isn’t an intense enough experience on its own, we received this innovation in a box that sang New York City street sounds and included a bottle of NYC water with which to make the noodles. Luckily, you don’t have to book a flight to New York for these noodles (though you do if you also want to make yours with NYC water, that’s not typically included), as this limited flavor is now available at Walmarts across the nation. And, believe me, this taste test has me ready to run out to Walmart right after work.

New Product!

Everything Bagel Cup Noodles

I won’t lie, I was skeptical of this flavor. Would going saucy instead of brothy work? Is this combination of flavors too daring? But as I opened the NYC brownstone-style box and the sounds of New York began to play, I welcomed the beautiful chaos of Everything Bagel Cup Noodles.

Pros: Wow. It is so very yummy. At first the sauce appeared to be watery, but after some time and mixing, the broth turned into a creamy sauce right before my eyes. And the sauce is wonderful; it is creamy and coats the noodles well. The cheese flavor is there but in a subtle way that replicates the subtle tang of cream cheese. The flavors of the seasonings all come through: It’s oniony, rye-bready (from the caraway seeds), garlicky, and poppy-seedy. It’s also nice that there are actual poppy and caraway seeds as well as garlic pieces, so you get a bit of that seedy texture that makes an everything bagel such a rich experience. This may be one of my favorite Cup Noodles flavors I have ever had. 

Cons: There was debate over whether or not the noodles were too poppy seed-y or mostly caraway seed forward (managing editor Gwynedd Stuart felt like she was eating a rye-bread flavored Cup Noodles). Visually, the most prominent seasoning is the poppy seed, however the moment even a single caraway seed came in or I bit into some garlic, the flavor turned to this new party. I never really got a perfectly intense bite of Everything bagel seasoning. Adding more everything bagel seasoning could help the flavor and the texture, as well. Sure, every now and then I’d enjoy the pop of biting into a poppy seed or a garlic piece, but I missed the masses of crunchy sesame seeds that make the everything bagel experience (though the list of ingredients purports that they exist).




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