7 Gatorade Flavors That Should Exist

At one point or another, we have all needed Gatorade. Whether for recovering from workouts, sickness, or simply a lack of Gatorade in our lives, for many a dehydrated gator, this ade has replenished our electrolytes and not even asked for anything in return besides money. Plus, it seems like with the exception of the Lime Cucumber flavor (our favorite sports drink of them all), Gatorade hasn’t really been getting much attention or love lately. And since everyone, even an electrolyte drink, deserves love, I’m going to do my best to help them out. Today is the day I give back by coming up with some new Gatorade flavors that should exist.


This one seems obvious. So obvious that Gatorade made it back in 2019 (for a very limited time and in very limited quantities) when the Super Bowl was happening in Atlanta, Georgia. Here’s the twist: tea. Make it taste like Snapple or Arizona peach tea and it’ll be a massive hit. What can I say? The people like the peaches.

Passionfruit Orange Guava (POG)

Okay, I don’t know about you, but I would consume the ever-lovin’ heck out of this flavor of Gatorade. POG is 100% without a doubt the best part of any cheap hotel’s continental breakfast and, no, I will not be taking questions at this time. To take that flavor and then make it an electrolyte drink? If they did this, I would pass out from excitement just to be nursed back to health with a bottle of POG Gatorade. Does that make me dramatic? Perhaps. I prefer to call it POG (passing out because Gatorade). To their credit, they make a Passion Fruit flavor, but that’s only a third of the way there, guys!


When it comes to Gatorade flavors, there aren’t actually that many modeled off of real fruits. For instance, I have no idea what a “Riptide Rush” tastes like. I do, however, know what cranberry juice tastes like, and I think it is a tart, refreshing, and all-around excellent addition to this list of new Gatorade flavors. Plus, they could push it as a “Morning After Thanksgiving Recovery Drink” and they wouldn’t even have to pay me for that idea (unless they…wanted to? Open to a chat, Gatorade).


In terms of “Gatorade flavors that should exist,” this one really does top the charts. Lime Cucumber Gatorade is already so good, imagine if they had a lime and mint Gatorade flavor called Mojito. Ugh, I can already taste the refreshing citrusy mintiness. And I know that kids drink Gatorade and, therefore, naming a flavor after a cocktail is a bit of a “choice,” but hear me out: if Jelly Belly (a literal candy made for kids) can have a cocktail flavor line, then so can Gatorade (a not-specifically-kid-aimed electrolyte beverage).

Black Currant

My British friendos will get this one. Black currant would be darker and perhaps a bit jammier than other Gatorade flavors but boy would this be such a fruity and delicious addition to the Gatorade flavors. Yes, the strength of this berry-y, jammy, and tart flavor may make it more of a “post-workout” and less of a “sickness-recovery” bev, but, honestly, people will do what they are going to do with this. All Gatorade needs to worry about is bringing this flavor from my dreams to my reality.

Bone Broth

Yes, I am aware this is a wacky idea, but if Gatorade wants to compete with all the recovery drinks (not just Pedialyte and Liquid IV), then they have to be able to take on bone broth. How? With a bone broth-flavored Gatorade, of course. I’m thinking a literal chicken soup flavor. And before you say, “That will never work, Jessica, you sweet simple soul—Gatorade is sweet,” think again. Gatorade is, in fact, salty. Don’t believe me? Try some unrefrigerated Gatorade when you have not worked out at all and are fully hydrated – trust me, the sweetness becomes the secondary sensation. So all they’d have to do is take out the sugar and add vegetarian soup stock of some kind (and maybe just a touch of MSG), along with a few additional umami, savory flavorings, and BAM: Bone Broth Gatorade. (In the spirit of full transparency, I did initially put this flavor on the list as a joke, but as I wrote this paragraph, I accidentally convinced myself that I do want this product to be real. Very badly.)

Kosher Dill Pickle

Look, they already do cucumber flavor so well. Lime Cucumber is already one of their bangers, and what is cucumber-lime if not cucumber plus acid? On an unrelated note, guess what pickles are 👀. See? They could totally make this and it would actually be good. I’ve been burned by pickle-flavored drinks before (truly some of the worst things I have ever had the displeasure of ingesting), but as someone who loves pickles (and pickle juice), is impressed by the cucumber flavor in Lime Cucumber Gatorade, and generally has a lot of faith in Gatorade to do any flavor justice, I am on board with Kosher Dill Pickle being the next addition to the (already) long list of Gatorade flavors.

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