Hershey’s Turned Frozen Fruit Into Candy and We Love That

We all thought we had it figured out. We all thought Hershey’s was going to keep making different iterations of Reese’s and Kit Kat until either the sun exploded or the cows came home, but boy were we wrong. In a shocking twist, Hershey’s (yes, our chocolatey confection-slinging friendo) has entered the mindful snacking space. That’s right, they teamed up with Golden West to create a sort of healthy-ish snack: a line of chocolate- and peanut butter-covered frozen fruits. 

Hershey’s is giving us fruit? Is it going to be unhealthy enough that it’s still fun? And most importantly, what fruits?

First thing’s first, yes, these will contain real actual fruits. The kind that grows from the earth. The kind that doctors tell us to eat more of. The kind you take with you for lunch every day and then schlep home untouched (lookin’ at you, apples). But these snacks will not contain apples (and maybe that’s for the best). What they will contain are strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and bananas. You know, the fruits that freeze well and go great with chocolate. As for the coating varieties, these actually look pretty darn good. The flavors are Reese’s Frozen Fruit Banana Slices, Hershey’s Cookies ‘N’ Creme Frozen Fruit Strawberries, Hershey’s White Creme & Milk Chocolate Frozen Fruit Blueberries and Hershey’s White Creme & Milk Chocolate Frozen Fruit Raspberries. In other words, the bananas come with milk chocolate and peanut butter coating, the blueberries and raspberries come with white and milk chocolate coating, and the strawberries have a cookies and cream coating. I’m no health nut, but these actually seem like a pretty fantastic product. Everybody loves a cold, sweet, texturally varied, lightly tart dessert/snack, and that seems to be exactly the target these snackin’ fruits are shootin’ for.

We love a company venturing into mindful snacking, and I for one am going to be mindful that I pick up one of each type in order to see if they are as *mwah* chef’s (Hershey’s) kiss as they seem to be. And if you, like me, are pretty much sold on these and want to try them right the heck now, never fear! They are now available at Walmart stores nationwide for your chocolate frozen fruitin’ pleasure.

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