Hidden Valley Ranch Flavored Chili Crunch? We Tried It!

Hidden Valley Ranch has teamed up with chef and Top Chef winner Stephanie Izard’s brand, This Little Goat, on a ranch version of one of the best condiments of all time, chili crunch. We literally screamed out loud when we first heard about Hidden Valley Ranch chili crunch.

This twist on the classic Chinese spicy oil includes ranch seasoning and small crisps of masa. This Little Goat’s website recommends using it on pizza, french fries, eggs, chicken wings, or ramen. We tasted it to find out if Hidden Valley Ranch chili crisp is as good as it sounds!

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Hidden Valley Ranch Chili Crunch

This Little Goat’s Hidden Valley Ranch chili crunch is kind of interesting, but I wasn’t super impressed overall. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of this new product so you can decide if you want to buy it or not.

Pros: If you’re someone who doesn’t like spicy but wants to add seasoned oil to your food, this is a great option for you. Oil and salt are the main things you get from this product. You do get a subtle ranch-y flavor that is pleasing. I could see this being nice if you drizzled it over ramen or used it as the fat for frying up eggs.

Cons: First of all, the aesthetic is not great. The oil looks milky and the masa crisps look deeply unappealing. Normally, chili crisp is so beautiful! Another issue is that I found this to have little to no spice. I’m not sure why you’d want chili crisp that isn’t spicy, and I cannot fathom why you’d put this slightly ranch-flavored oil on pizza or french fries instead of actual ranch dressing.

Credit: Liv Averett / This Little Goat




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