Lay’s and IHOP Are Collabing on a Fresh ‘N Fruity Chip (or Are They??)

You’ve heard of chocolate chip pancakes, but have you heard of pancakes in a chip? Well, Lay’s just “announced” a strange upcoming collaboration with IHOP: strawberry-topped-pancakes-with-syrup-and-bacon-flavored chips as a part of IHOP’s Rooty Tooty Fresh ’N Fruity series. I say “announced” because this news has come via a cryptic post that read, “Would you try this fake flavor, or… is it fake?” Fans have noted that since Lay’s is often quite upfront about the fakeness of their fake upcoming products, this little tease of potential realness makes this post seem like an actual flavor announcement. 

When will these pancake-flavored chips be available?

While it might seem like such a whimsical flavor would capture the hearts of Lay’s fans, the internet has not been so kind. Many are calling this collaboration a “product fail” and have predicted that “these chips are gonna sit on shelves.” If this is the case, then expect these chips to gather dust on Walmart shelves starting February 25th, the release date according to Instagram food investigator @markie_devo

Are the IHOP Lay’s real?

I can’t help but be skeptical of this release. I know that the ambiguity of these pancake-flavored chips being fake has been enough for many to err on the side of truth, but I don’t know if I’m ready for that. Maybe it’s my trust issues, or maybe it’s because deep down I believe it is true but wish there was some way for it to not be. I can handle a syrup-flavored Lay’s, maybe I can even excuse one that tastes like bacon, but meat and pancakes and syrup and strawberry?! It’s just not right! But, I guess in the world of McGriddles (and what a wonderful world it is), I should side with those open-minded Lay’s fans: I’ll try anything once. Especially since it’s real…or is it?

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