A New M&M’s Flavor Combines Easter Fun and a Classic Crispy Treat

This Easter season, there’s a new candy competitor in town from Mars. No, not the planet. Mars, Incorporated, the company that owns everything from Twix and Snickers to Pedigree dog food. The new candy is inspired by a classic childhood treat and is M&M’s latest foray into the world of crunchy chocolate candy. So, if you haven’t been paying attention to the candy aisle, you’d better start now. The new M&M’s flavor is already popping up on shelves! 

So, what’s the flavor? And what exactly makes it crunchy?

These new-for-Easter M&M’s are white chocolate and marshmallow flavored with a crispy rice center. Aptly, they’re called M&M’s White Chocolate Marshmallow Crispy Treat. The name’s too long, if you ask me. Sounds delish though, huh? But consider this: The holy grail of crunchy M&M’s—Peanut M&M’s—are larger than the regular M&M’s to accommodate a peanut, yes, but also to make sure they have the correct nut-to-chocolate-to-candy shell ratio.. They’re a master class in texture and flavor. Sadly, these M&M’s appear to be closer to regular M&M’s shape and size, which feels like a big missed opportunity. Make them egg-shaped, you cowards! Okay, maybe they don’t want to be mistaken for every other Easter candy out there. But the real question is whether the new M&M’s will be able to pack all that crunchy, marshmallowy flavor into a tiny chocolate orb. Only time will tell!

While I’m sure these taste good on their own, might I suggest a trippy recipe? Make M&M’s Rice Krispies Treats and substitute regular M&M’s for these. You’ll have a crispy rice treat within a Rice Krispies Treat! Fun, huh? If M&M’s aren’t really your thing, no need to worry. This Easter, some of Mars’s other classic treats are returning: Dove Milk Chocolate Bunnies and Eggs, and Dark Chocolate Bunnies and Eggs, Skittles Jellybeans, Starburst Original Jellybeans, M&M’S Minis Milk Chocolate Candy Easter Tubes, M&M’S Milk Chocolate Easter Canes, and M&M’S Pastel Milk Chocolate and Peanut Candies. You have plenty of Easter yum to choose from!

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  • Are these limited edition items that are already gone? I’m hoping they come back next year!

  • I thought their taste was a bit strange, but you can mix them with peanuts for a pretty good snack.

    • Hi! Thanks for letting me know! That’s a great recommendation. I’ll be sure to try it! 🙂