The Best Greek Yogurt, According to Nicole Enayati

Welcome to Mythical Kitchen Picks, the series in which the culinary experts from Mythical Kitchen tell you all about their favorite foods and ingredients. Last week, Mythical Chef Josh Scherer told us all about his favorite hot sauce—the one that’s even better than Tabasco sauce. Today, Nicole Enayati is back to talk about a yogurt she always has in her fridge. Read on to find out more about Nicole’s favorite yogurt and the ritualistic way in which she eats it.

Nicole’s Pick: Fage Total 2% Greek Yogurt with Honey

nicole enayati favorite greek yogurt: fage with honey
Liv Averett / Mythical Entertainment / Ralphs

It’s hard for me to explain why I am obsessed with these little pre-portioned containers of Greek yogurt and honey. I could just buy a tub of yogurt, put it in a random bowl, squirt some honey over it, and call it a day, right? NO. It’s not the same. The ritualistic peeling of the foil, the licking of said foil, and then adding the perfect amount of sticky sweetness to each bite of thick, tangy creaminess? You just can’t beat it. I typically have a few containers of Fage with Honey stacked in my fridge for a quick breakfast with an added sprinkle of granola. It’s also the best snack for when you’re feeling a bit peckish, but don’t want to over indulge. It may remind me of my mother’s cottage cheese/pineapple snackers, you know the ones. But, the more palatable, 2023 version of that. All in all, it’s a fabulous product that makes me feel good and it tastes good too! 

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