Are New Space Dunk Oreos Out of This World?

Space is trending pretty hard right now. Rich people are visiting for fun. Hotels are going up. And the grocery store is increasingly full of snacks and bevs that seem to channel our collective desire to get the hell off planet Earth. And now everyone’s favorite sandwich cookie is getting in on the interstellar action with Oreo Space Dunk. Before you put on our moon boots and head to the supermarket, let’s discuss the new limited edition Space Dunk Oreos. 

space dunk oreos review

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Oreo Space Dunk

What makes Space Dunk Oreos different from terrestrial Oreo flavors? These cookies are filled with two layers of creme, one bright pink and the other bright blue. The cookies are stamped with “galactic designs” like space ships and stars (exciting if you are seven?). Oh, and the creme, which is marshmallow flavored, has popping candy in it, so they make noise in your head as you eat. 

Pros: The popping candy is a fun touch. If you liked Firework Oreos, a limited edition release in the summer of 2017, you’ll like these. And I’m not sure Space Dunk Oreos are officially “Double Stuf,” but there’s a nice amount of creme for people like me who think the traditional ratio of Oreo cookie to Oreo creme can be a little dry. 

Cons: Personally, I wish the creme was a more interesting flavor. The difference between marshmallow-flavored creme and vanilla-flavored creme is pretty negligible (although other folks on the Sporked tasting team thought Space Dunk Oreos tasted markedly more marshmallowy than regular Oreos). Some reviewers have complained that they can detect the bitter flavor of food coloring in the creme, but that didn’t stand out to me. 

All in all, if you’re a big Oreo fan and want to try something new—or you’re a person who needs something to munch on while you fantasize about escaping this terrestrial hellscape—Oreo Space Dunk cookies are worth picking up before they go away.




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