Oscar Mayer Stuffed Hot Dogs Are the Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

I almost never think to buy Oscar Mayer hot dogs. They have their own dang car. And they taste good (we even included a few varieties in our ranking of the best hot dogs), but I typically can’t resist the salty siren song of our #1 hot dogs, Hebrew National. That said, I think my buying habits are about to change—and maybe yours, too. The brand just released Oscar Mayer stuffed hot dogs in two new varieties—Oscar Mayer Stuffed Dogs Jalapeño Cheddar and Oscar Mayer Stuffed Dogs Chili Cheese—and, spoiler alert, you’re going to want to stuff your face with these things.

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Oscar Mayer Stuffed Dogs Jalapeño Cheddar

Oscar Mayer stuffed hot dogs are not new info. A cheese-stuffed variety has existed for years. These Jalapeño Cheddar stuffed dogs, however, are very different. These aren’t hot dogs; they’re pork smoked sausages that are the size and shape of hot dogs (which means they’ll comfortably fit in regular ol’ hot dog buns). They’re packed with the little bits of cheese you’ll recognize from Oscar Mayer cheese dogs, but they also contain little bits of diced jalapeño pepper. They are, in a word, unreal. 

Pros: I can’t say enough good things about these sausages masquerading as hot dogs. The sausage is juicy, snappy, and flavorful, with just the right amount of smoke. Each dog is punctuated with pops of creamy, salty cheese and fresh, vegetal diced jalapeño, but don’t get me wrong—pork is the dominant flavor. The jalapeño contributes a little bit of heat, too. I cooked up two of these for our taste test, and pretty much ate them both by myself.  

Cons: I will say this was the full team’s second favorite Oscar Mayer stuffed dog because the flavor of the stuff they’re stuffed with is more subdued, but that’s mostly because the cheese and diced jalapeño have to compete with the flavor of the salty, delicious, juicy sausage. Me? I would slap someone for one of these—children and the elderly included!




oscar mayer stuffed chili cheese dogs

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Oscar Mayer Stuffed Dogs Chili Cheese

Do you love a chili cheese dog but hate when your face, shirt, sleeves, and pants get all covered in hot dog chili? Well, I need you to take a seat in those filthy, stained clothes of yours and prepare yourself for this hot dog, because it truly tastes like a chili dog without the mess. It’s a chili dog in a tube. That’s the best way we could describe these, and we’re professional writers who do this for a living! 

Pros: The chili cheese dog flavor in these Oscar Mayer chili dogs is spot. on. You get the mix of meaty flavors, lots of punchy chili powder, and then, of course, creamy cheese that mimics the flavor of the cheese sauce you can drizzle on your dog at a 7-Eleven. These hot dogs are a crowning achievement in junk food.

Cons: So, these aren’t juicy smoked sausages like the jalapeño cheddar stuffed dogs—these are hot dogs made of chicken, turkey, and pork. They aren’t as juicy and they have a more homogenous texture, but the flavor is so good I set aside my misgivings. Everyone at the office lost their minds over these.




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