We Tried Honey Mustard Pringles and Honey, We Have Thoughts

We counted Honey Mustard Pringles among the products we were most excited to try this March and, welp, we finally got our hands on a can! We’ve seen a lot of new Pringles flavors come and go over the years, and plenty of them were much crazier flavors than honey mustard. Everything bagel? Philly cheesesteak? But fans have been particularly adamant about getting Honey Mustard Pringles back on the shelves since they were discontinued in 2022. The Sporked team tried them for the first time, and naturally we had high hopes. Will the fantasy of a sweet, tangy, salty Pringles chip live up to the hype? 

To get straight to the point here, allow me to venture into caveman speak: I love Pringles. I love honey mustard. Pringles AND honey mustard? Give me can. I will eat. *Slaps ground to scare away predators.* Anyway, here’s my review of this returning Pringles flavor. 

honey mustard pringles review

New Pringles Flavor!

Honey Mustard Pringles

Do me a favor and study the Pringles can pictured on the left. Do you see him? Julius Pringles, the mascot? Donning a mustard yellow tux and watching you with raised, expectant eyebrows? The text above him says “bursting with flavor.” Well, never trust a man in yellow, ladies. They are liars and con men. (Especially with a mustache like that.)

Pros: Unlike many uniquely flavored chips, these definitely don’t taste strange or bad. In fact, they are perfectly snackable and carry just the right amount of sweetness. I can totally see why these are a fan-favorite flavor. Each chip tastes like real honey mustard and a classic Pringle rolled into one, but…

Cons: The honey mustard flavor simply doesn’t last long enough! As our editor-in-chief Justine Sterling pointed out, “It tastes like when you burp after eating a turkey sandwich.” She is, disgustingly, correct. We really wanted the bold honey mustard flavor of Snyder’s pretzels in a Pringles can, but that isn’t the case here. The flavor is quite subtle and only hits in the beginning. By the time you finish one chip, you already forget what it tasted like in the first place. In a way, it’s actually a genius snacking ploy that keeps you coming back for more. (I see you, Julius. I know what you’re doing!) And look, if these were truly “bursting with flavor,” we’d definitely rate them higher! As it stands, when it comes to new Pringles flavors (or returning Pringles flavors), honey mustard may not be the worst, but it can’t be counted among the best, either.

Credit: Liv Averett / Walmart




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