New Pepperidge Farm Holiday Cookies Are Hitting Shelves

We all know that the best part of the holidays is not the family gatherings, the serene stillness of winter, or the promise of many many gifts. No, the best part of the holidays is, in fact, the endless stream of cookies, and, no, I will not be taking questions at this time.

But for those of you who share my love of cookies (and general zest for life), you know that sometimes making an “endless stream” of cookies from scratch can be a hassle. That’s where Pepperidge Farm holiday cookies come in. They just released their 2022 holiday season lineup, which includes a bunch of returning classics, as well as an exciting new cookie that looks almost too good to be true.

But Jessica, I don’t even know what the classic Pepperidge Farm holiday cookies are let alone this new one. Tell me more!

Okay, I will (it is my job after all)! So the Pepperidge Farm holiday cookie classics are ~quite festive~ if I do say so myself. They’ve got Snowball Citrus Cookies (citrus cookies with powdered sugar), Linzer Raspberry Cookies (shortbread sandwich cookies with raspberry jam), Amaretto Hot Cocoa Milanos (sort of self-explanatory, but boy do these sound fantastic), Peppermint Milano Slices (Single Milano cookie dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkled with peppermint), Holiday Edition Chessman Butter Cookies and Chessman Minis Butter Cookies (same as the non-holiday ones but they have festive packaging), and Holiday Edition Gingerman Cookies (same as their normal Gingermans but with festive packaging and red sprinkles instead of sugar crystals). I know, that’s a long list. Take that in for a second. Done? Okay, great. On top of all of those existing cookies, they’ve released Hazelnut Hot Cocoa Milano cookies, which contain “a duo layer of milk chocolate and hazelnut-flavored filling between two crispy Milano cookies,” according to Brand Eating. Yum, you guys. YUM. These are basically Nutella Milanos and I am HERE for it. Imagine these dunked in coffee or tea, as a pairing with mulled cider by the fire, or just eaten straight over a kitchen trashcan. Ugh, it’s too tempting. 

I almost never buy Milanos, mainly because I bake a lot of cookies and don’t usually need more in my apartment. But, oh my goodness, when the time inevitably comes that I have to go to a party and don’t have time to bake, these will certainly be on my radar. And who knows? Maybe I’ll just go buy them so I can try them either way! Hopefully, I will mila-not be disappointed.

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  • Dissatisfied with the Milanos, smaller size and not cheap. Won’t be buying these anymore.