Pink Lemonade Kit Kats Are Coming This Summer!

Folks, the headline tells no lie: Pink Lemonade Kit Kat bars are hitting shelves in just a few months. What business does pink lemonade have in a chocolate bar? Why don’t we get those cool ice cream-flavored Kit Kats they sell in Japan? What is pink lemonade? Take a break and read on for the answers you seek.

What is the Pink Lemonade Kit Kat going to taste like?

If you’re concerned about this flavor combination, have no fear. This Kit Kat will feature an entirely pink lemonade-flavored creme in place of the chocolate coating found on normal Kit Kat bars. I’m definitely curious as to what the Pink Lemonade Kit Kat is going to taste like, since, as a society, we haven’t really come to a consensus on what pink lemonade is. Is it strawberry lemonade? Is it raspberry lemonade? Is it regular lemonade that’s just colored pink? Kit Kat is no stranger to lemon flavoring, at least. Lemon Crisp Kit Kats can be found every year around Easter time, while Kit Kat Japan releases a very popular Salt + Lemon White Chocolate Kit Kat seasonally.

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While we seem to hear about an exciting new Kit Kat flavor being offered in Japan every few weeks, you’re lucky to find three or four special flavors a year stateside. Why can’t we get what they have? Well, the Hershey Company has the exclusive license to produce Kit Kat bars here in the U.S., while Nestlé holds that right literally everywhere else on earth. Among other differences, that’s why international Kit Kat bars all have a different logo than the one we’re used to!

When will Kit Kat Pink Lemonade be out?

Thanks to a convenience sales calendar sent over by one of our favorite anonymous sources, we know exactly when you should be able to find this new flavor on store shelves. Officially speaking, this Kit Kat is supposed to be stocked from July 19th 2024 through October 6th, 2024. Certain stores may put the bars out early, while others may get them late! It’s a gamble, but if you’re really hunting for these, you should be able to find them by the end of July no matter where you are.

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