5 Drinks You Should Be Buying at Publix

Do you know about the hype behind Publix lemonades and teas? If not, that’s okay—turns out, there are two types of people in this world: people who have never been to Publix, and people born and raised in the South who thought Publix was America’s most widely popular grocery store for… too long. (It’s me, hi, I’m the problem, it’s me.) Whether it’s your first foray into Florida’s favorite supermarket or you’re a seasoned veteran, here’s a shortlist of the best Publix drinks to pick up from the deli the next time you stop by.

One quick thing I’d like to applaud: None of the Publix lemonade and tea blends are too sweet, including the ones that didn’t make this list. I was afraid these drinks would be cloying, since brands just love to cater to our country’s sugar addiction, but nope! You won’t get sick of drinking them midway through, because these are incredibly balanced. (Flavor-wise, at least; the sugar content itself might be a touch high, but let’s save that convo for a later date.) Here are five Publix drinks to buy ASAP.

Publix Natural Cranberry Hibiscus Flavored White Iced Tea 

Look, this is a wildcard pick. If you don’t like floral drinks (and you don’t like cranberry), Publix’s Cranberry Hibiscus Flavored White Iced Tea is not for you. That’s what I told my family of picky eaters before I asked them to sample it, and low and behold, did I still have to listen to them complain for ten minutes about why people from California like to eat flowers? Yes, yes I did. The notes of hibiscus are not overly pronounced, but blended with the cranberry, it’s much tarter than the other options on this list. But if you like a little adventure, a little controversy at the dinner table, and floral drinks, give it a chance!

Publix Spiced Apple Lemonade (Limited Edition)

Now, either I’m new to the world of lemonade flavors, or Publix’s Natural Spiced Apple Lemonade is the boldest creation yet. If you’ve ever wondered how spiced apple cider and lemonade would taste together, well, this is your chance to find out. Personally, I’m in love. The cinnamon and cloves are the real MVPs here—the spices come through with every sip, and it works, somehow. Full transparency: I actually wanted this one to take the number two spot, but my family (again, picky eaters) protested a little too much. It’s a limited edition, so you have to act fast!

Brewed Sweet Iced Tea

We simply can’t ignore a classic: Publix sweet tea is something many Floridians already keep tubs of in their fridge. Not to double down here, but Publix understands one crucial thing when it comes to their drinks: Sweetness in moderation. Personally, I’d like to see it go up against other sweet tea brands, because for that reason alone I bet it would rank pretty high. If you’re looking for a simple Publix tea that you know you’ll love, just skip the rest and get this. It won’t disappoint.

Publix Blackberry Lemonade

Publix Blackberry Lemonade is a contradiction: It tastes very unique, but will appeal to pretty much everyone. I know, because I had everyone in my family take a sip, and we’ve got some picky eaters in my house. Blackberry can be very tart on its own, so added to lemonade I thought this would be an unpleasant experience, but quite the opposite. It’s almost like Publix took the flavor profile of blackberries, blunted the tartness, and mixed it with a very balanced lemonade to create something wholly original. (The mango and raspberry lemonades from Publix were good, too, but this one just stands out.) 

Publix Brewed Iced Tea with Ginseng & Honey

In one of those rare occasions where something tastes just as good as it sounds, Publix’s Iced Tea with Ginseng & Honey is immaculate. The honey brings out a brightness in the slightly bitter ginseng, a perfect harmony of opposites. Not to be too dramatic, but I took a sip of this and wrote “ambrosia??” in my notes. Yep. Ambrosia, the ancient Greek nectar of the gods. So light, vibrant, and refreshing, it tasted almost fictional! 

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