This Fan-Favorite Oreo Flavor Is Returning to the Cookie Aisle

YOU GUYS. It finally happened. On June 8, 2023, I, Jessica Block, guessed that the next Oreo flavor release would be the return of the Red Velvet Oreo. And for the first time in my year-and-a-half-long next-Oreo-flavor-release-guessing career I was actually right. For real. No cap (all lowercase).

Alright, now that we’ve established that I’m the world’s leading Oreologist (Oreo Meteorologist), let’s talk about the return of Red Velvet Oreos as a limited edition flavor this fall.

What does a Red Velvet Oreo taste like? Is it just a normal cocoa-y Oreo but red, the same way red velvet cake is just normal cocoa-y cake but red?

Well, it would seem that unlike me after a day at the beach, these Oreos are not just the same but redder. The cookies are supposedly “red velvet flavored” (whatever that means), and the creme is cream cheese frosting flavored. Based on this info, I would guess that the cookies will be like the normal cocoa ones but with a bit of that cake-mix-like vanilla-y character you would get from something birthday cake flavored, and that the creme will be like the typical Oreo cream but with a hint of salt and a hint of tang. At least, that’s what I would do if I were on Oreo’s research and development team. But these cookies have been on the market before—they first came out in 2015 and were around on and off until being discontinued in 2020, so there are people who actually know what they taste like. According to some reviews, I’m basically correct about the flavor profile. The chocolate cookie is reportedly a little more chocolatey and a little sweeter, and the cream cheese frosting-flavored creme apparently really tastes like cream cheese frosting.

But, my friends, we cannot simply take the internet’s word for it. We will have to wait and try these Red Velvet Oreos for ourselves. Lucky for us, they are in stores nationwide starting today, September 12, 2023. They are limited edition, however, so grab ‘em while you can, because who knows when they will be back again!

Oreo really does seem to be running back through all of the flavor releases of 2015 with the return of S’moreos and Cotton Candy Oreos earlier this summer, so if you are wondering whether I, Jessica Block, the Allan Lichtman of Oreo flavor releases am about to make another Oreo release prediction, then you would be the Allan Lichtman of predicting next sentences, because here goes: I think the next flavor will be the return of Toasted Coconut Oreos. They came out in fall of 2015, people seemed to like them, and, y’all, it is almost fall (either that or they will bring back the 2015 caramel apple Oreos, but Oreo, girl, if you are reading this, go with the toasted coconut. Mostly because I want to be right again, but also because they sound absolutely delicious).

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