S’mores Oreos are Returning with a Punny New Name: S’moreos

I make it my business to always try and predict the next flavor Oreo will release and, let me tell you, I get it right…roughly 0% of the time. Is this release any different? No, I thought their next flavor was going to be tricolor bomb pop for the Fourth of July, sue me (just kidding, please don’t, I have no money). I’m giving myself a free pass for missing this one because it turns out this isn’t really a new flavor. Indeed, S’mores Oreos are making a limited edition comeback this May, and this time Oreo finally wised up to the genius pun that was sitting right in front of them the whole time. That’s right, this time they will actually be called S’moreos. They really did it, people.

What are S’moreos like? Are they like S’mores Oreos but more clever and concise?

Important questions, to be sure. Looks like the S’moreo will have a graham cracker cookie, a layer of chocolate cream, and a layer of marshmallow cream. Our buddies over at Nabisco are keepin’ it clean, simple, and classic. As for what the original S’mores Oreos were like when they were released back in 2015 as a limited edition, and then again in 2019 and 2021, they followed the same template, i.e. graham cookie and two layers of cream, one ‘shmallow and one chocolate. It makes sense that they would be the same though—why mess with perfection? S’mores haven’t really changed—chocolate, marshmallow, and graham crackers, you know the drill—so, why would S’moreos be any different?

As for how long you’ll be able to get your hands on these, there’s no saying, really. S’moreos are set to hit shelves in May and will be available “while supplies last,” according to Nabisco parent company Mondelez. But as is tradition, it is now time for me to guess the next Oreo flavor. And while part of me still thinks we are going to end up with a bomb pop-esque Oreo, for the sake of keeping Oreo on its toes (since they’ve definitely read all of my predictions), my next guess will be…yuzu. Calling it right now. But my Fourth of July prediction stands: bomb pop. Just you wait. I’m bound to be right someday, and then, as my optometrist always says, “You’ll see. You’ll alllll see.”

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  • Looking forward to these as I love the Girl Scouts’ s’mores cookies so much.