Gut Check! Rhett & Link Try Every GT’s Synergy Kombucha

On today’s episode of Good Mythical Morning, Rhett & Link got gutsy and tried every GT’s Synergy Kombucha flavor back to back. Why GT’s? Because in a previous kombucha taste test, Rhett & Link determined that GT’s Synergy Kombucha was the easiest to stomach of all the popular grocery store kombucha brands. So, without further ado, here are the four best ‘booches for your buck.

Grape Chia

(Rhett: 75, Link: 77)

In fourth place is GT’s Synergy Grape Chia Kombucha. It scored the same as Cosmic Cranberry during the first taste test, during which Link delved into the science of why he enjoyed it so much. He said, “The chia, it takes away some of the bite and replaces it with this gelatinous goo that gets it all down in there.” In other words, it makes kombucha so much easier to get down the gullet. The raspberry variant of the chia kombucha scored similarly, but the guys admitted that they’re predisposed to grape flavored things. The added boost of fiber from the chia seeds was also a huge draw for them. However, by the time of the second taste test, the guys noticed that the Grape Chia was no longer fizzy, unlike the other three. During the second taste, Rhett said, “I hate to say this, but I’m ready to kick the Chia Grape to the side…the grape flavor tastes a little bit like kids’ flavor grape.” While Link had initially hoped for it to take third, he was ultimately okay with Rhett’s decision to move it down.

Cosmic Cranberry

(Rhett: 74, Link: 78)

Cosmic Cranberry “comes on strong,” apparently. And in a way the guys liked. “UTI, say goodbye! Whoo! Yeahhh! That’s niceee,” an enthusiastic Link said when he first tasted it. Rhett shared in his excitement, saying that the cranberry and kombucha flavors work well together. However, much like Grape Chia, the Cosmic Cranberry lost some appeal by the second taste test. “This is still good,” Rhett admitted, “but I kinda think that there’s something about cranberry that almost competes with [kombucha]. They’re both in the same lane.” Although it was Link’s favorite flavor from the first taste test, he agreed with Rhett, and the two placed it in third.

Mystic Mango

(Rhett: 82, Link: 70)

Rhett’s favorite, Mystic Mango, was the subject of a lot of debate. When the guys first tasted it, they said that it was “pretty sweet” and scored it highly. “The mango works so well with it,” Rhett said. He attributed this to the “rounded flavor” of mango, which he felt came through excellently, cutting through the kombucha-ness. While Link was admiring the Mystic Mango, he unintentionally brought up an important question. He said, “Mango is mild and you still have the bite of a kombucha, but it gives it more of a juice experience.” So, was Mystic Mango a good juice or a good kombucha? Link said, “I think this juice varietal is not mainline kombucha.” And Rhett? He chimed in with a similar thought: “This is a better tasting drink when you’re just measuring drinks out there, but when you’re in Kombucha Land, I feel like you might need to do something that is a little bit closer to what kombucha is.”

Pomegranate Power

(Rhett: 80, Link: 73)

“I like pomegranate, I like power,” Link said when the flavor was announced. Rhett’s reaction? “Oh. Sexy.” These two lovers of pomegranate sensuality, well, loved the flavor. “It’s got that sweetness of the erotic fruit of a pomomagranate,” Link said. A very astute and well-expressed observation, sir. When Rhett tried it, he was incredibly impressed: “Hold on, that’s a good kombucha flavor.” The distinction between good flavor and good kombucha flavor was especially important when it came to determining the winner. The guys said that Pomegranate Power was an excellent example of a strong, delicious flavor that doesn’t overpower the fizzy, hallmark kombucha-ness of kombucha.

Rhett’s Favorite Flavor: Mystic Mango

Link’s Favorite Flavor: Cosmic Cranberry

The Worsts: Multigreen, Island Bliss, and Elderberry Juniper

Rhett & Link Also Tried: Blood Orange, Golden Pineapple, Guava Goddess, Peach Paradise, Pure Love, Sublime Lime, Tangerine Dream, Lemon Berry, Passionberry Bliss, Strawberry Serenity, Strawberry Lemonade, Trilogy, Watermelon Wonder, Bloom, Carrot Turmeric, Gingerade, Gingerberry, Hibiscus Ginger, Lavender Love, Raspberry Chia, Pink Lady Apple, Pure, & Sacred Life

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