Rhett & Link Try Every Oreo Snack

In this Gut Check Flavor Redux Edition (formerly known as a Butt Check), Rhett & Link tried every kind of Oreo-flavored product that is not a straight-up Oreo. They tried candies, cold treats, and miscellaneous products including waffle cones and lip balm. With a glass of milk to cleanse their palates and Link’s special rating scale, our boys were able to give each product a rating from one to 100. Here are the Oreo flavored products they “adOreo-ed.” (For even more Oreos, check out the Sporked ranking too.)

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Pillsbury Funfetti Oreo Icing

Rhett & Link like icing—who doesn’t? But after trying this product, Link noted, “It’s not as good as cream cheese icing.” Rhett wasn’t quite enthused either as he pointed out, “This is basically only ‘Oreo’ because they give you some Oreo crumbles to put on top.” Our boys like their cream cheese frosting, but Rhett noted that this was lacking the tang it needed to beat that gold standard. He said, “It’s good, but it’s just straight frosting,” giving it a 68. Link gave it a score of 66.

Milka Oreo Alpine Milk Chocolate Bar

Link loved this form of the chocolate bar, telling Rhett, “You’re a dark chocolate man, but this is great. It’s a magical combination.” Rhett liked it, but not to the extent that Link did because he felt that “the Oreo is not doing a lot of heavy lifting.” Rhett was immediately on board with the idea of chocolate and Oreo: “Milk chocolate with some Oreo to make it a little crunchy?” He gave it a 74. Link enjoyed it as well, saying, “That is a good treat.” He gave it an 82.

Oreo Cookies ‘N Cream Ice Cream

Rhett & Link agreed that Oreo ice cream is the standard for cookies and cream flavors the world over. Rhett said, “Cookies and cream basically is Oreo ice cream,” elevating this ice cream to spot number two. Rhett gave this one a solid score of 77 and Link gave it an 80. He took one bite and said, “Ok, that’s good. That’s quite a classic.”

Oreo Frozen Dairy Dessert Bars, aka “the Oreo we adore-e-o”

Link really loved this ice cream bar, and was impressed from the moment he bit into it. “The coating is really infused with cookie crumbles,” he said. “This beats the Oreo ice cream. We know Oreo ice cream is good, and when you put it in this particular form, something magical happens.” Rhett was shocked by how good this dessert bar is. “Uh oh, that tastes like an ice cream cake on a stick.” It earned a strong 87 from him and an 86 from Link who said, “The coating is absolutely amazing on this thing.”

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