Skittles Just Made a Big Littles Announcement

Well folks, this may just be the most exciting piece of Skittles news since they changed green apple back to lime in 2021 (thank god). Yes, they have released different flavor packs over the years, as well as Skittles gummies and French’s Mustard Skittles (still don’t know who exactly those were for), but it’s been a while since we’ve seen a new Skittles form factor to actually get excited about. But you guys? They did it. Last week they announced the release of Skittles Littles, which are exactly what they sound like: mini Skittles. It’s a small fall miracle. It’s a mini marvel. It’s a tiny, tasty little treat, and I can’t wait to get my hands on some.

What flavors will they be? Will they taste more like a rainbow from a prism and less like a rainbow in the sky?

Never fear, you Skittle-loving superstars, the small Skittle scuttlebutt is that they will be the exact same flavors as their larger (but still pretty small) cousins. These Strawberry, Orange, Grape, Lemon, and Lime Skittles Littles will come in two different kinds of packs: a resealable grab-and-go pack and an adorable little tube, just like the tube M&M’s Minis come in now. I have some thoughts about these Skittles. Firstly, I think they will be crunchier than normal Skittles. Why? Because as smaller things, they will have a larger surface area-to-volume ratio, or in other words, more crunchy part per chewy part. So if your favorite thing about Skittles is the crispy candy shell, you need to give these small guys a try. Secondly, I think these will allow us to taste more rainbow per rainbow. Hear me out: If you take a random handful of normal-sized Skittles, you will likely get more of some flavors than others. However, with these new Skittles Littles, because you will get more Skittles per handful, your handful will actually look closer to an even distribution of the rainbow colors and might then, in theory, taste more like the rainbow than a handful of their normal-sized Skittle counterparts. So to answer the prism question—keep in mind that this is all speculation—but my theory is that these new Skittles Littles will not taste like a prism rather than a sky rainbow. On the contrary, I think they might, in fact, taste more like a sky rainbow than ever before.

I guess I will have to go buy some and find out. If you too are curious about the degree to which these itty bitty Skitties will retain their rainbow-y taste, you can get them starting this month at select stores and then starting in 2024 they should be out nationwide. And who knows? If we love them enough we may just have to form an Itty Bitty Skitty Committee and make it our whole personality—only time will tell. According to a press release, Skittles Littles are starting to roll out now, but will be nationally available come 2024.

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  • Bring back green apple. Anyone who thinks lime is better is crazy yucky! I do love the skittles minis but bring back the green apple skittles! Also make mini sour skittles!!